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Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty has been fined £750 after he admitted assaulting a BBC reporter in March.
The star pleaded guilty at Thames Magistrates' Court to kicking a microphone out of her hand outside the same court after a separate appearance.
In a statement, the 27-year-old said: "If I hurt this lady I'm sorry."
The star, who is currently being treated for drug addiction, was also ordered to pay £250 compensation and another £200 in court costs.
Painful hand
He had previously pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault by beating after he kicked out at Radio 1 Newsbeat's Trudi Barber.
His defence lawyer, Sean Curran, said Doherty changed his plea after watching television footage of the attack.
You were obviously courting publicity judging by your somewhat extravagant behaviour outside the court
Helen Skinner, Justice of the Peace
Prosecutor Sirah Abraham said Ms Barber's hand had been hurt in the incident.
She said Ms Barber had suffered pain to her hand which spread to her shoulder. A doctor prescribed her painkillers but she lost sleep from the pain.
During a police interview Doherty refused to answer any questions.
Payment delayed
He did apologise but added Ms Barber was a member of the "harassing scum of press".
Magistrate Helen Skinner said: "Referring to the press as scum does no one any favours. You were obviously courting publicity judging by your somewhat extravagant behaviour outside the court.

A microphone was kicked through the air
"People in public life have a responsibility to behave and be a good role model to others."
Doherty, who is dating model Kate Moss, told the court he was not able to pay the fine on the day as he only had 27p on him.
He has been ordered to make the payment within seven days.



Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty has been fined £750 after he admitted assaulting a BBC reporter in March.
The star pleaded guilty at Thames Magistrates' Court to kicking a microphone out of her hand outside the same court after a separate appearance.
In a statement, the 27-year-old said: "If I hurt this lady I'm sorry."
The star, who is currently being treated for drug addiction, was also ordered to pay £250 compensation and another £200 in court costs.
Painful hand
He had previously pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault by beating after he kicked out at Radio 1 Newsbeat's Trudi Barber.
His defence lawyer, Sean Curran, said Doherty changed his plea after watching television footage of the attack.
You were obviously courting publicity judging by your somewhat extravagant behaviour outside the court
Helen Skinner, Justice of the Peace
Prosecutor Sirah Abraham said Ms Barber's hand had been hurt in the incident.
She said Ms Barber had suffered pain to her hand which spread to her shoulder. A doctor prescribed her painkillers but she lost sleep from the pain.
During a police interview Doherty refused to answer any questions.
Payment delayed
He did apologise but added Ms Barber was a member of the "harassing scum of press".
Magistrate Helen Skinner said: "Referring to the press as scum does no one any favours. You were obviously courting publicity judging by your somewhat extravagant behaviour outside the court.

A microphone was kicked through the air
"People in public life have a responsibility to behave and be a good role model to others."
Doherty, who is dating model Kate Moss, told the court he was not able to pay the fine on the day as he only had 27p on him.
He has been ordered to make the payment within seven days.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pete gets officially engaged

Kate and Pete officially announced their engagement at a masked ball .Kate told partygoers: "We are engaged." And Pete added: "Yes we are getting married - if she'll have me."The supermodel was stunning in a gold dress given to her by best friend - designer Stella McCartney - as an engagement present. She wore an antique diamond ring on her wedding finger which she was happy to show off to guests and an ornate gold mask over one eye.
A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Kate looked amazing as usual but even Pete looked really well-dressed for once."They had their arms round each other all night and made a very handsome couple."As they made their way around the room you could hear Kate saying 'Would you like to see my ring?' again and again."The couple joined in the karaoke at the ball, serenading each other with 'Come Together' by The Beatles and 'Close To You' by The Carpenters.Doherty wore a black diamante mask over his eyes - which could have been to conceal injuries he sustained the night before (23.10.06) during a brawl with a photographer in Rome.A host of stars attended the glamorous Moet and Chandon ball in London, including Scarlett Johansson, Jerry Hall, Elizabeth Jagger, Gisele Bundchen and Erin O'Connor.Model Lizzie Jagger attended the event in a Harlequin costume and Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson looked stunning in a black lace mask and fifties-style dress with a see-through back.

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Babyshambles & Friends - Janie Jones ( Strummerville)

Pete Get Loyalty Card From Boys in Blue

A source has told us that Pete has been nicked so many times that the Metropolitan police have issued him a "Loyalty Card"

Basically, if Pete gets enough point he will be issued with a "Get out of Jail Free Card" .

GIRLS speak ALOAD of shit!!!

"kiss my botty Pete"
Girls Aloud have questioned Pete Doherty's musical talent.The five-piece girl band have challenged the Babyshambles frontman to make an album as good as their own efforts, as well as joking about his physical appearance."I guess if you like brown teeth and mouldy fingers, he's your guy," Kimberly Walsh told the Daily Star.Nadine Coyle added: "He's supposed to be this musical genius. But have you heard him sing? We could make a record that sounded like him - but could he make one that sounded like us?"

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Pete Doherty to recieve award from ministry of Funny Walks

Yes...It's true

When Mr. Smegma from the ministry saw this photo he decided it was the perfect time for a prize giving!!!

Pete man???You're Whipped!!!L.o.L

So here's the story:Kate has told Pete to cop on a little or she will call off their alleged wedding(fair enough really I suppose). 'Kate's Commandments' are supposed to tell Pete to stop taking drugs, end contact with his 'loser' friends and call her at least thee times a day.

She also wants him to stop flirting with his fucking groupies if he wants to make her his bride, start eating properly and spend two hours every day writing poetry and music.

Rumours also have it that she has talked to his headmaster about his bad behaviour and he is bringing Pete into school on Saterday for detention in which he will be forced to write 1000 lines saying: "I must be nice to Katie...I must be nice to katie"

Come on Pete!!!Behave man. You don't wanna loose the bird again to messin and drug taking do ya?

I think maybe you could change your ways and become like Bono..............No ........Not an absolute wanker.............A living saint ready to save the world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doherty film debuted

Taken From:

A film charting the turbulent recent past of Pete Doherty will be screened in London this month."Arena: Pete Doherty" is to be premiered at the Roundhouse in Camden on October 25, before being screened on BBC TV later in the year.The documentary has been directed by Ashtar Alkhirsan and commences at the start of 2006, capturing the Babyshambles star in rehab, in court and on-stage.Production of the film is ongoing and is expected to be as up-to-date as possible, following the cancellation of the remaining dates on the band's current UK tour this weekend.Explaining the decision to pull the tour, a spokesperson for the group's label EMI said: "Babyshambles have made the decision to postpone the remaining five dates of their current UK tour. "It has become clear that Peter embarked on this arduous and high profile tour too soon after his discharge and still needs time to recover from his extensive rehab treatment. Peter asks that he be given the time and space to continue with his excellent effort to recover. "The band apologises to fans but hope that they will understand the importance of Peter being able to best continue his good progress in recovering from addiction."
more strange shit

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14.40 (fourteen/forty)
new pete song

Tour Postponed

The band Babyshambles has postponed the remainder of its British tour to give frontman Pete Doherty more time to undergo drug rehabilitation treatment, his record company said Saturday.
Babyshambles postponed its five remaining dates to allow Doherty's "excellent" efforts at overcoming his addiction to continue, EMI said.
Last month Doherty, in court on drugs charges, avoided jail after a judge said she was "impressed" with his attempts to beat his addiction.
The singer had pleaded guilty to five counts on possessing heroin, cocaine and cannabis. He was allowed to continue his drug treatment and told he would be sentenced in December.
The EMI announcement canceled concerts in Glasgow, Nottingham, Manchester and Newcastle.
"The band apologizes to fans but hopes that they will understand the importance of Peter being able to best continue his good progress in recovering from addiction," EMI said. "The dates will be rearranged for as soon as possible and all tickets will remain valid."

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pete And Kate to Tie The Knot in Ireland

Pete and Kate are rumoured to be planning a wedding in Ireland.

The couple recently performed together with Babyshambles at the Music Factory in Carlow and manager Eamonn Tucker chatted with the couple about their future plans.

He revealed to FemaleFirst: "They're very much in love and are planning to either get married here, or at least have their honeymoon in Ireland. They feel very at home here."She's just a very sweet girl who's very much in love with Pete. He makes her laugh and they're looking forward to having children soon.

Pete backs bards ahead of National Poetry Day


Pete Doherty has revealed a new influence - classic poets.The Babyshambles frontman explained that wordsmiths such as Emily Dickinson and Rimbaud have influenced his work.He cited celebrated war poet Wilfred Owen as a big influence, and explained his liking for the genre."My old man was in the army," he said. "It was just in my blood so strongly. It was like, 'Dad's in uniform, barbed wire and go off to war'."Doherty went onto to tell The Guardian that his time in prison allowed him time to focus on his love of poetry. He said: "I had to go into something. I didn't really know who I was and I certainly didn't know what I was doing there. For fuck all, I ended up in Wandsworth and really, really, I was a bit green, y'know what I mean?"I've got a shelf full of books with HMP Pentonville, HMP Wandsworth on them, smuggled 'em out, yeah. 'Crime and Punishment' I read! Except my cellmate at the time kept pulling his shorts down and getting his knob out, and going, 'Is this normal, Pete?' And I'm trying to read."Doherty also reveals that recently he hasn't written as much of his own verses as he has wanted to."I haven't been as prolific, shall we say, in the past six or seven months. But I'm picking up the pen again," he said.Doherty will celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday (October 5) by reading the Siegfried Sassoon poem 'Suicide In The Trenches' on 'Poetry: From Pete Doherty to Andrew Motion', which is being shown by the Artsworld channel at 9pm.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pete gets pissed (shock Horror)

According to sources, Pete was of his tits last night after a pal's birthday bash.

Pete is said to have been also sweating alot as he dodged into Kate's London house shortly after midnight yesterday.

During the night they had been boozing at the Clifton pub in Maida Vale with Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans and good old Mick Jones.

Fair play Pete...Once it was only alcohol your were enjoying !!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Geo-Goi's new poster boy

Pete is said to be following Kate Moss into the world of fashion and is close to sealing a deal to design clothes for the Manchester label Gio-Goi.

The deal, which sources claim is to be announced next week, will come just days after Kate landed herself a deal to design a collection for Topshop.

The Daily Mirror said on Wednesday that Pete would design and model a range of clothes for the label.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Irish eyes are smiling for Pete and Kate

Pete Doherty and Kate Moss have flown to Ireland hours after he was discharged from rehab.

They were spotted at Heathrow airport hours after he left the Priory Clinic in Southgate, north London.

Pete is due to play a few gigs around Eire this week.

Rumour also has it that he will meet up with Carl and Gary while in Ireland as they are also touring there at the moment.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Yes...That's right....We have the song featuring Pete and Carl together again!!!!Enjoy
Supermodel Kate Moss will wed her rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty "within weeks" after accepting a marriage proposal in a rehab clinic.
The Babyshambles singer has been battling a long-standing addiction to crack cocaine and heroin in the Priory Clinic, London, but is preparing to leave the facility after his on-off partner said yes to marriage on Wednesday.
A source tells the Sunday Mirror, "Pete had been looking like the cat who had got the cream after Kate's visit. Then he told some of the staff that he had proposed to Kate and she had said yes.
"He said they wanted to tie the knot as soon as possible. He told a staff member, 'We will run away together to somewhere where no one can find us and then we'll get married.'
"Pete insisted they won't have a big wedding, although he said Kate will want her mum to be there."
The source also reports Doherty has made massive progress at the Priory - which has convinced Moss to give him another chance.
They explain, "In counseling sessions he has said things that show he knows what he needs to do - stop taking drugs and seek help as soon as feels the urge to do so.
"Kate has been so impressed with that attitude. She has always loved him but just needed him to straighten up. Now there's nothing to stop them marrying."

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baby Shambles - The Movie

Not news...Just some strange video I found

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The details of the charity single that features both Pete Doherty and Carl Barat have been confirmed.

As reported on NME.COM, Carl and Pete have teamed up with 21 other artists, including The Rakes , We Are Scientists, The Kooks and The Holloways, for a cover of The Clash song'Janie Jones'. The proceeds will go to Strummerville - the Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music and will be released October 30.

The idea to do the track was suggested by Strummer's daughter Lola, and was put together by Babyshambles's Drew McConnell and Statik.

The full list of artists contributing to the song are: BabyshamblesCarl BarĂ¢t The Rakes Mystery Jets The Holloways We Are Scientists The Paddingtons Larrikin Love Cazals The Noisettes Good Books Lady Fuzz The Kooks Jack Penate Laura MarlingThe Maccabees Lisa Moorish Light Speed Champ (Test Icicles) Jamie T Jeremy Warmsley StatikGuillemots

The B-side will feature a solo version of the track by Pete Doherty.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pete wants to marry in QPR home ground

Pete wants to marry Kate at his favourite football ground but the mean officials have turned down his request He is a devout Queens Park Rangers fan and has always dreamed of tying the knot at the west London club.Pete was a regular guest of honour at games, but now he is banned from the historic venue. However, with magistrates terming his current rehabilitation program a success, the rocker is confident he will be able to win officials round.A source revealed: “Both Pete and Kate want a quirky wedding which is going to fit their personalities. “Pete's first love is QPR, and holding his big day there is something which he has always thought about. “To him it would be a laugh - and that is what he and Kate want their nuptials to be about.”

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pete Doherty is being evicted from his wrecked London flat after building up more than $18,000 in back rent.
The Babyshambles frontman, who is currently in rehab being treated for his addictions to hard drugs, has left his landlord shocked at how much damage he has caused to the $630,000 property in Hackney.
Doherty has reportedly not paid any rent since January, and the floor is littered with syringes and broken glass.
Landlord Andreas Panayiotou says, "As well as not paying his rent, there's both graffiti and blood on the wall, and goodness knows what else.
"We have never known anyone like him. (Doherty) is the worst tenant in my company's entire history."
A local resident adds, "The front door was nearly always boarded up and covered in graffiti. Then there were the groupies hanging around on the doorstep and his junkie pals banging on his door at all hours and the endless, headbanging racket.
"We are glad he's going."

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY is determined to ditch his drug-addled lifestyle, if only for the sake of his worried fans. The BABYSHAMBLES frontman's following has been begging him to clean up - and he is finally taking note. He says, "The resounding message when we hang out with kids after shows is, 'Sort yourselves out. We love your band and you're f**king up.' "They're right too. Fair play for telling us like it is too." Doherty pleaded guilty to drug possession charges yesterday (18AUG06), and has been ordered to stay at London rehab clinic The Priory until he is sentenced next month

If you're wondering why this site hasn't been kept updated, it's because I'm away on holiday in Holland for two week, but it should return to normal soon....Keep watching

Monday, August 14, 2006

Pete and Kate

It has been said by various newspapers today that Pete and Kate are set to tie the knot.

British newspapers today published pictures of Kate Moss wearing a diamond ring at a party the couple threw at a London nightclub on Saturday./p>
The pair is rumoured to be getting married in Ibiza this week, British tabloid The Sun reported.
The Sun said that “pals” of Kate Moss thought it would be a mistake for the model to marry Pete Doherty who is struggling with heroin addiction.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Libertines to Meet "for a chat" away from the Eyes of English media

Rumours have began circulating that Bilo , Biggles and Gary have arranged to have a few sneakey pints while they are in Ireland next month....Both Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things are set to play in Ireland within four days of each other.

One source said :"It would be an obvious place to meet up again and enjoy a certain level of privacy just not possible in England due to the press"

Things are looking good for the prospects of a reunion....Please please please lads.....Kiss, make up, make music!!!!


Babyshambles trashed the stage at a live TV gig for the live music show Transmission with T-Mobile on Channel 4.

Pete and the boys trashed the set at the Riverside Studios in west London.

The show also featured a performance by The Streets .

As soon as footage becomes available it will be posted here (fingers crossed)
Peter Doherty on Vroom Vroom

That's right...We've got the video in case you missed it

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rumours have it that

Pete has formed a band with Mike Skinner.

Pete has been working at Skinner's Shed Studios in London recording a new version of 'Prangin' Out', which may be The Streets next single.

The new version of 'Prangin' Out' has pete singing a part that he wrote himself.

"His style on 'Prangin' Out' reminds me of his early stuff," Skinner told NME.COM.

"But I wouldn't call it 'rapping'.

Pete's more of a poet, so it sounds really poetic."

Skinner said that the lyrics of 'Prangin' Out' - which deal with The Streets' singer's own cocaine hell - must have had a meaning for Pete."He makes my drug escapades look like schoolboy stuff," he laughed. "He's written the book on excess and tabloid problems."

Skinner told NME.COM that the two originally met years ago, but didn't get into the studio until last month.

"I was the same generation as The Libertines and the first tour we ever did was in Japan with them," Said Skinner.

"It was a festival tour where I first met Carl and Pete.

"I wanted to get Pete on 'When You Wasn't Famous' but that didn't happen.
He's quite a difficult person to get hold of."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Babyshambles to tour

This was posted on the .org forum....I hope it's true

Carlow Music Factory (September 26)
Dublin Ambassador (27)
Belfast Mandela Hall (28)
Birmingham Academy (October 1)
Leeds University (2)
Southampton Guildhall(3)
Norwich UEA (4)
London Brixton Academy (5)
Liverpool Academy (6)
Glasgow Academy (7)
Nottingham Rock City (8)
Manchester Academy (9)
Newcastle Academy (10)

Tickets are onsale from 9am on Friday (August 11). For availability after then go to NME.COM/Gigs.

Don't forget

To watch Pete on sky 1's car show VROOM VROOM tonight (tue 8).....It should be a good laugh

Contradiction or what????

A Scottish news paper has printed the following:

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss is back with junkie singer Pete Doherty.
Friends say she is sure the Babyshambles front-man wants to stay clean after rehab for heroin and crack addiction.
Kate, 32, who also did rehab after abusing cocaine, kissed and held hands with 27-year-old Doherty in a show of love at a festival in Clapham, near Bedford, on Sunday.

What the fuck????

One minute they say one thing, and then the next, they say something completely different!!!

I just hope it's true that Pete "wants to stay clean after rehab for heroin and crack addiction."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The end of Kate And Pete

Rumours have it that Pete has had enough of his roller coaster relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and is looking for a new set of cleaner friends.

Moss is said to be devastated that Doherty has called an end to their on/off relationship after admitting that he was living through “dark times” while he was dating the model.

It also seems that Doherty’s decision has been influenced by a budding relationship with ‘Love Island’ presenter Fearne Cotton.

The clean living TV presenter has impressed Doherty with her “serene nature”, reports the Star, and Doherty is hoping to see more of her.

A source said: Pete would really like to see Fearne again. Kate is the love of his life but he could do with a little bit of light relief – and some new friends.”

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Babyshambles sign up for fishing contest

Adam Ficek is testing out his rod skills.
Babyshambles have signed up to take part in a London fishing competition.
Drummer Adam Ficek will be teaming up with Resonance FM's Duncan Whittaker at Walthamstow Fisheries for the station's Rock n Fishing contest.A host of bands including The Kooks, The Holloways, Mystery Jets, Larrikin Love, Battle, Good Shoes, The Rumble Strips and The Young Knives have all signed up for the competition which is part of a 13 week series.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're all going on a summer holiday

Kate Moss has reportedly offered Pete a chance to go on a holiday with her, provided he stays 'clean' of drugs. She is said to have booked a beachside villa in Bali for the whole of August, and plans to take the troubled rocker along if he kicks drugs. Moss hopes the trip will help get him off crack and heroin. "Kate will pay for the trip if he stays clean," The Mirror quoted a mutual friend, as saying.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Babyshambles reschedule Ibiza gig

Babyshambles have set the date for their rescheduled Ibiza Rocks appearance for August 14.
The band, as previously reported, was forced to pull out of their planned show on July 19 to allow Pete Doherty to check into a drugs rehabilitation clinic following a recent relapse into heroin addiction. However Pete appears ardent to return to the notorious party isle saying in a statement: “We are keen fierce to come back to Ibiza and showcase all our new songs”And promoters are happy to have them. “We were all really looking forward to welcoming Babyshambles back to the island this year for Ibiza Rocks,” they say in a statement, “but, at the end of the day, we love and support Pete and it's his health and happiness that are important".Pete says of the Sony Ericsson-sponsored event: “Ibiza Rocks is a noble and praise worthy mission and I can't wait to get back in that Manumission villa!"

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pete Tells NME what he thinks of his "Books of Albion"

Pete has told N.M.E. that the Books of Albion are full of 'amazing nonsense'

Pete has described the forthcoming book as "amazing nonsense".

According to N.M.E. , he received a £150,000 publishing deal earlier this year for the collection.

There'll be stuff that people haven't seen before." He added: "Very private thoughts, very private thoughts indeed. You'll have to wait and see. Raise a toast to it."

Dirty Pretty Things Interview

More great news

Pete is working on his debut solo album.

The Libertine is hoping to release 'The Implant Sessions' before the year is out.

He told NME: "There’ll be a solo acoustic album released this year. It will differ from Babyshambles because it will just be me."

Pete has also said that he is busy working on the new Babyshambles album, follow-up to 2005's 'Down in Albion'.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pete Doherty -on Transmission

Back in Rehab

Former Libertines frontman Pete Doherty will check into a drugs rehabilitation clinic on Monday as part of his on-going battle with addiction. His decision means that the planned concert by his new band, Babyshambles – due to take place in Ibiza on Wednesday – has been cancelled. Doherty has to prove that he is making progress in his bid to kick his heroin habit as part of a community order handed down after he admitted seven charges of possession of illegal substances. The promoter of the Ibiza Rocks event in the island’s capital of San Antonio was sympathetic to the wayward singer’s problems. "We were all really looking forward to welcoming Babyshambles but, at the end of the day, we love and support Pete and it's his health and happiness that are important," said Andy McKay. It is unclear at the moment whether Doherty's treatment will affect Babyshambles' dates for later in the summer. The band have a busy festival schedule having been booked to play at Belgium, Switzerland and London before the end of August. McKay is confident that the band will be back on the Spanish party island before too long however. "He has promised us that he will celebrate his recovery with a special comeback gig at Ibiza Rocks, so we can't argue with that," he said.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pete and Carl meet

Former bandmates PETE DOHERTY and CARL BARAT have reunited to discuss reforming THE LIBERTINES, two years after Barat kicked Doherty out of the British group. The pair met in the Dublin Castle pub in Camden, London on Tuesday (18JUL06) evening after mutual friends KATE MOSS and singer LISA MOORISH encouraged them to put their troubled past behind them. Barat threw Doherty out of The Libertines in 2004 because of his addiction to drugs. An insider says, "Carl turned up bang on time at 8pm. He sat on his own drinking and minding his own business. Then Pete showed up an hour later - which is on time by his standards. "They got the pints in and sat together for about two hours. It was emotional for both of them. But they got on really well and managed to soothe some old wounds. "They did discuss the possibility of working together. "Carl has always said he would only reform the band if Pete gets off drugs, which he has failed to do. But there was forgiveness on both sides. "It is the first step down the path to a reunion."


Sunday, July 16, 2006


New York Dolls frontman David Johansen has likened rock junkie Pete Doherty to his former bandmate Johnny Thunders.
The celebrated rock veteran saw guitar-hero Thunders waste his talent away on smack, before finally passing away in 1991 – and says he sees the Babyshambles singer heading the exact same way.
He tells The Guardian, “Heroin destroyed everything for the Dolls. Heroin and needles killed my band. Johnny got married to heroin and it's a fucking shame because he was the best songwriter I ever met.
“I see a lot of Johnny in that kid Pete Doherty. He's a great talent. When I first heard one of his songs, 'Fuck Forever', I thought, 'Man, that is the most romantic thing I've ever heard a man say to a woman.' But heroin will take him away from the songs just like Johnny, because she is a bitch, and that's what she does."
Doherty appeared in court yesterday for an update on the drugs rehabilitation he was ordered to undertake after yet another bust, and told the judge he was getting an anti-opiates implant fitted.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do you know WHO I think I am?

Roger Daltery of The Who has called Pete "feeble minded" and urged him to seek help. The Who frontman slates Doherty's rock 'n' roll credentials, insisting he is nothing more than a common drug addict who needs to kick his habit. The 62-year-old says, "I have time for anarchy but Pete Doherty is feeble minded. "What he does has nothing to do with rock 'n' roll. He is severely dependent and needs urgent help."

Pete and Kate still Bound Together

Kate and Pete are still bound together, according to the supermodel's biographer Fred Vermorel.
The couple were presumed to have split shortly after Moss was snapped snorting cocaine during a recording session with Babyshambles.
But Vermorel -- who is writing "Addicted to Love: Kate Moss" -- claims they have merely been maintaining a low-profile relationship to protect Moss in the press.
He says, "I think all that's happened is that they've become scared of being photographed together. They want a bit of space to work things out between them without feeling that they're being crowded.
"Their relationship's always been fairly free in any case -- he'd been with groupies at the height of their time together and she'd been seen with other men, too.
"But that didn't mean that they ever became less passionate about one another."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pete Doherty Secret Solo Show

Having already secured a headline slot for his band Babyshambles, Get Loaded In The Park’s love affair with Pete Doherty continues with news that Pete will perform a special solo set earlier on in the day at the Get Loaded Second Stage.
Going under the banner ‘An Audience With Pete Doherty…’ the solo set will include both music performances and wait for it….Pete reading out his own poetry. Will comparisons to Dylan Tomas and Chaucer ensue or will it more likely be the ramblings of a smacked up rocker?
For those who want to judge for themselves get down to the Get Loaded In The Park festival taking place in Clapham Common on the 27th August where he will joined by the likes of Graham Coxon, Lily Allen, De La Soul and many others.
For those who just can’t get enough of Pete (surely we’ve all had enough by now) and two performances just isn’t enough don’t forget that by buying a ticket to this year’s festival you will automatically receive in the post a free Babyshambles Collectors CD, featuring the original version of new track ‘Beg, Steal or Borrow’ plus a live acoustic version.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bradfield has can't "offer Pete any advice"

James Dean Bradfield has said that he couldn’t offer Pete Doherty any advise to get out of his drug addled quagmire, because he’s not qualified to do so.
The Manic Street Preachers frontman was being questioned about the parallels between Doherty and missing Manic Richey Edwards when he made the comments.
Dean Bradfield told the BBC that the only similarities were that searching for perfection both messed them up. Asked about giving Doherty some helpful tips, he said: "It's impossible to give that kind of advice. "I would never have any advice to give to anybody who is close to Pete Doherty or to Pete Doherty himself because I don't feel qualified, because we really didn't know what to do ourselves with Richey. "We've re-traced our steps in terms of what happened to Richey so many times and at the end of the day Richey was surrounded by people who cared about him and who were quite sensible and still we couldn't help."

Monday, July 10, 2006

Pete On Friday Night Live - Part Two

I hope you enjoy this
Pete on Friday Night Live - Part 1

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pete younger sister Emily is said to be under investigation by the Army after it was claimed her boyfriend had stayed at her army barracks for three weeks.

Emily, 19, joined the Royal Army Medical Corps last year and is stationed in Germany.

Her man, a squaddie from another camp was dragged away when he was discovered in her barracks.

A friend of Emily’s told The Sun: “They found him on her bed watching telly. His Sergeant Major was furious. This is being taken very seriously.”

Emily last saw Pete at a Babyshambles gig in Bristol. Their father, an Army Major will no doubt be embarrassed by poor Emily’s romantic rendezvous…poor kids.

Pete Doherty on Jonathan Ross

Pete said he was stepping up his fight with drug addiction in an interview with Jonathan Ross last night.

"Being skint, drunk, paranoid, no, I don't wish that for myself. For the first time in my life I'm upping the stakes in my battle against it".

The singer went on to explain about his twice-weekly drug tests, before describing the effect that rehabilitation is having on his creative output, saying: "Being clean means I can sit down and rediscover writing. My song-writing suffered, being on drugs."

Doherty also said that he still loves Kate Moss.

Asked about his relationship with the members of his former band The Libertines, he said: "I just became persona non grata, I got booted out, it was just exile - I suppose because of the drugs but really because I didn't want to tour. None of them talk to me. Carl... we were best friends, we loved what we did, we took it right to the end."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Babyshambles line up shock release

The band have been busy in the studio
Babyshambles have been putting the finishing touches to a one-off single release.The three-track CD will contain a brand new track, 'Beg, Steal or Borrow' plus a dance remix and live version of the song.The release also contains a few hidden extras including exclusive access to a secret website which contains interviews with the band, screensavers and photos.A statement from the band said: "It's really great to be recording again. The song we've chosen for the CD itself is particularly apt, because there's a very poignant part in it where it changes key and Pete sings an emotional line with reference to the current situation and it's the idea that if you choose to change your direction in life, then you can turn anything around, but it takes a lot of resolve. The song is about what we want to happen now as a band."The single is available to Get Loaded In The Park ticket holders only. It can also be heard on Get Loaded's new Myspace site .As previously reported on NME.COM, Babyshambles will headline the Get Loaded In The Park one day festival on Clapham Common in south London on August 27 alongside the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, Lily Allen and British Sea Power


Monday, July 03, 2006

Pete settles bill

Hell-raising rocker Pete Doherty travelled all the way from London to Paris just to settle a hotel bill.The disgraced Babyshambles frontman checked out of the French hotel earlier in the week but had been unable to pay for his stay.
The star, who has an on-off relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, left his belongings at the front desk to guarantee his return.A source told a British newspaper: "He left at 9pm on Thursday and was back by lunchtime the next day."


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pete To Be On T.V.

It has been revealed by the B.B.C. press office that, Peter Doherty will appear on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on Friday the 7th of June.

Pete is also expected to perform an acoustic version of the new Babyshambles song Beg, Steal or Borrow.

Certainly one to watch.

Pete is clean at the moment!!!!Great News

Pete is winning his battle with drugs so he can reunite with Kate, but the singer's hopes rest on a knife edge after his anti-addiction implants were seized by suspicious customs officers. Doherty's literary agent Paul Roundhill says: "He is clean at the moment. It must be very hard for him. But he's done it for Kate. He wants to stay clean to get back with her."He's having more implants put in because the last ones went terribly wrong. They went septic which is a very dangerous situation."He was meant to get them a few days ago but customs saw the package with his name on it and thought they might be drugs being sent to them so broke the package open."

Friday, June 30, 2006

Kate Writes Poem About Pete

Kate has written a short poem about her love affair with the singer Pete Doherty.

In it, she claims that drugs destroyed their relationship

and Kate says that Pete cared more for his drugs than her.

She complains: “You love them more than you love me.”
And adds: “For that’s why I could cry all day long, that’s why I can’t breathe.”
Kate — who left Doherty over his drug addiction — wrote the passage in his journal.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Pete's Pipe on E-Bay???

Yes. Someone has put a Pipe used by Pete on E-Bay, and guess what? The last time I checked, it was selling for 5p!!!!! Most likely a fake but a bargain if you are a Pete stalker.

The message on the site reads:

"Don't miss this chance to lay your hands on this excellent piece of music memorabilia. The item is Peter Doherys Pipe used during his visit in Stockholm. The mouthpiece is missing but Pete used it through the night without the mouthpiece and he smoked various things in it. During the gig and the rest of the night he had it in his inner pocket, until he gave it to me late at night. I can't say where he got it though, but the got arrested in customs entering Sweden so that is probably where he lost the mouthpiece.
The pipe itself is in excellent shape and a must have for Pete Doherty, Libertines or Babyshambles fans!"

Hummmmm??? Now why would we believe you?

I think I might start selling fake blood paintings. It good be a good money maker.

The link, if you want to buy it, is:


Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!

Pete annoys his band

The lads have reportedly had another arguement after Pete left his bandmates stranded at Waterloo station.

According to I.T.V. , Pete left Drew McConnell and Adam Ficek waiting for six hours at the station when they were due to perform a gig in Paris on Saturday.

Both apparently threatened to quit the band but Pete (being the charasmatic legend he is)managed to persuade them to play the concert last night after he apologised.

As you all know, this is the second time in the last few months Doherty has angered his band mates.

The singer recently caused a stir when he squirted a syringe full of blood at a camera lens during a recent MTV interview.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anyone know why is down???


The title says it all. I've noticed that for the past couple of days the official Libertines website has been down......Kirstys, what's going on????

Anyway....In the mean time, feel free to use the message board on this site if you are getting cold turkey from not being able to rant about the Libertines on

Books of Albion to be released in Hardback Form

Pete has signed a book deal to publish the books of albion (i.e. his diaries).He will release 20 volumes of poems, drawings, lyrics and personal reflections in one hardback book.

Doherty was supposed to attend the publishing launch this afternoon in his favourite pub to do a poetry reading – but failed to turn up.

Ian Preece, commissioning editor of Orion Books, explained that the singer would not be coming.“It’s probably because Holland v Argentina is on. That’s rock’n’roll” he said.Orion have bought the world rights to Doherty’s journals.They will chart his rise to fame from 1999 to the present day including his time with first band The Libertines, his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and his spells in rehab and jail.The launch took place at The Boogaloo pub in Highgate, north London, one of the singer’s favourite hang-outs.

Preece said: “The diaries stretch right back to Pete’s early years.“They are full of poems, lyrics, thoughts, artwork and photos.“Some of it is very funny, some it is pretty dark. All of it is incredibly readable.“It is intimate and honest stuff and a complete antidote to a lot of what you might have read about him.”The journals will be published in March 2007. Doherty, 27, said in a statement: “I am very happy to have a book coming out with Orion and to share a bookshelf with H G Wells, Ian Rankin and Stan Bowles.“I’ve always wanted to have a book published and it’s all very exciting for me personally

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pete Fined

Swedish police fined Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty after traces of cocaine were found in his blood following a concert at the Hultsfred music festival, officials said today.Police detained the British rocker after the concert because “he showed signs of being under the influence of narcotics”, said Ulf Karlsson, a police spokesman in the city of Kalmar on Sweden’s south-eastern coast.Tests showed traces of cocaine and benzodiazepine, a minor tranquilliser that Doherty had a prescription for, Karlsson said.Doherty was fined 14,000 kronor (€1,450) and was released, Karlsson said. He was not in possession of any illegal drugs, so he will not face other charges, the official said.Traces of cocaine were also found in the blood of another band member, who was also fined and released, Karlsson said.Babyshambles was one of the main draws at the annual Hultsfred festival, one of the biggest in Sweden.Earlier this month, Doherty had checked himself into a detox clinic in Portugal following several arrests for drug possession, his lawyer Sean Curran said.

Pete is to work with Jake Fior who worked on his 2004 collaboration with Wolfman.
Fior revealed to Britain's NME magazine: "Yes, I'm doing this record, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions."
One track rumoured to be going on the album is 'Darksome Sea' - which is believed to be about Doherty's turbulent relationship with supermodel Kate Moss.
The lyrics read: "I'll take the blame, I'll bear the shame, I wish I held you.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pete Finds God

Pete is said to be determined to get clean after Christ appeared before him in a dream.
He is now said to be spending his days praying for redemption. According to reports, Dohertysaid the son of God told him to "pull himself together and repent his sins."
The 27-year-old hell raiser is also said to want to be baptized after leaving the clinic to symbolize his new-found path.
A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "He is considering giving away his money because Jesus said, 'It would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.'"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Rehab - But Will it Work???

Pete has checked himself into a rehab clinic in Portugal to try to beat his drug addiction.
He is trying a sleep cure - where he is kept asleep for a week - to get over the initial withdrawal cravings.
He’s being ‘put under’ for six or seven days so he won’t have to do cold turkey.
Pete has been threathened with gaol be the judge in charge of his supervision order if he doesn’t give up drugs.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Pete has reportedly checked himself into rehab in Portugal in another attempt to beat drugs.
The Babyshambles star made the decision to enter rehab himself and flew out to Portugal at the beginning of the week.
It is thought he will stay there for several weeks while he detoxes and will be fitted with an "opiate-suppressing implant" before he leaves.
It comes a week after he was banned from all easyJet flights after staff found a bloody syringe in a toilet on one of their aircraft. He was held by Spanish police at Barcelona airport but no drugs were found on him.
A source said: "The decision to undergo rehab was Doherty's own, and he organised and funded the trip without any outside pressure.
"He will spend the next few weeks detoxing, after which he will be fitted with an opiate-suppressing implant."
Doherty, 27, was due to appear at Thames Magistrates' Court in east London tomorrow for a review of his progress in a drug treatment programme.
In April he was sentenced to a community order with two years' supervision and 18 months' drug rehabilitation for drugs offences and two months earlier he received a 12-month community order when he was sentenced on a separate charge of seven counts of possessing controlled drugs.
This is Doherty's fourth stay in rehab after having stints in the Priory, a clinic in France and at the Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand.

From: Itv.Com

"new songs not about Pete"

Carl has dismissed speculation he has written songs about Pete with his new group, because he has moved on from the troubled rocker. Barat insists he has plenty of other relationships in his life, and Doherty is now part of his history.He says, "It's about waking up and leaving the past behind."There are a lot more relationships going on in my life than my relationship with Pete, that are just as weighty and have as much pressure on me."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good News Posted by Fan On .org

An fan calling himself "Buckaroo_Ed" ,also know as Ed Harris, posted a message on .ORG recently that will delight Libertines fans!!!He claimed:

"Pete and Carl are in regular contact. A mate of mine knows Carlos and was out with Pete and Carl the other night. Apparently they are meetin quite often trying to rebuild the friendship. Pete told him that its time to sort his life out. He wants his mates back his bird back and his life back. Im trying to get the picture of the two of them with him at the moment, but cant get in contact with him. Buts he’s reliable so when ive got the pic it will be absolute proof."

I'm sure every Libertines fan is praying that this news is true. Buckaroo_Ed, if you are fibbing, you are a mean c**t.

Check out the post here:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Whatever I Did I Didn't Do It"

Pete has knocked reports that he injected drugs during his flight from London to Spain, saying the airline lied about finding a syringe.

He claims that there was no syringe and the fact that he was released without any charges pressed against him proves his innocence.

He says: ‘When I came out (the toilet), they shut the door and locked it and got a big … luminous sign up saying ‘hazardous area’. They stopped people using the toilet. If they found a syringe, they can produce it in court.

‘We got off the plane and we all got the rubber glove treatment. They wanted to see if we had anything in our bottoms,’ the rocker said.

‘The police searched me and then half-heartedly searched a few other people and then said, ‘Enjoy the concert and enjoy your stay.’ They sent us on our merry way - most peculiar,’ he added.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Higher than an Easyjet!!!

Spanish police were called to meet an aeroplane carrying Pete at Barcelona Airport after EasyJet said crew members found a syringe on board.
A spokeswoman for the plane company said crew found "a syringe hidden in a bin, covered in blood" in the plane's toilet.
Spanish police met Doherty and four friends but found no suspicious substances in the lavatories.

They were not arrested and were allowed to leave.

The spokeswoman said the crew became suspicious after Doherty spent "an unusual amount of time in the toilet".

After the discovery, Pete was questioned by crew and became "agitated and aggressive".

Babyshambles have now been banned from travelling on EasyJet flights .

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Not Again

Pete's latest court date to check whether he is quitting drugs has been put back to June 9 as he did not appear at East London's Thames Magistrates Court on Wednesday for a drugs review because he is set to attend a similar legal check-up next week, according to his lawyer Sean Curran .

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bon Jovi = Tosser

Jon Bon Jovi would never want to swap places with Pete Doherty.
The rocker insists he feels sorry for the Babyshambles rocker and says he is proud that he was not the typical rock star and didn't get notoriety for taking drugs like other performers in the industry.
He said: "Those people get a lot more attention. Like Pete Doherty. I hear he's great. But I've never heard a Babyshambles song in my life
… I'd rather be doing what I'm doing.'
The singer insists he was never a "drug guy', because illegal substances make men under-perform in the bedroom.
He told Britain's Guardian Film and Music newspaper: "I have a nice wine habit, but I was never into drugs. Why do I need something that's going to grind my teeth all night and won't let me get it on with a woman.'


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Shambles to sign with Geffen

A well known French newspaper has reported that Babyshambles have entered into discussions with Geffen Records ( in the hope of securing a new record deal.

One source said: "The situation looks promising, but nothing is certain yet as Pete is scared that, signing to Geffen will cause people to draw more parallels between him and the tragic rock star Kurt Cobain. "

In the past Geffen records has been home to American bigshots like Nirvana, Beck, Blink 182, Sonic Youth and Mary J Blige.

Over time, the management at Geffen have dealt with many rebellious stars. It will be interesting to see how they handle Pete.

Bobby Gillespie : Fairly Sure of Himself

Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie has anointed Pete Doherty into the elite of British singers – alongside himself.
The rocker – no stranger to a good time himself – has defended the Babyshambles frontman from criticism over his notorious rock’n’roll lifestyle.
Gillespie, due for his biggest chart hit with Primal Scream’s new song Country Girl, believes Doherty is a “great songwriter”, who shares that elusive ‘it’ quality with a select group of British stars.
He explains, “He's obviously into his romantic poets and he likes to get intoxicated heavily, but he is a great songwriter and he is a great musician.
“He loves the press, the notoriety and the fame. I get that impression anyway. But what other rock 'n' roll star has what we've got? He's the only one apart from me, Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown. We're the only ones who have it."

by Chris Taylor

Taken from :

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Moss Gets Bruised

Kate was reportedly seen in London with what looked like a bruised face after a visit from her former boyfriend, Pete Doherty.

Kate left her house with what appeared to be a bruised cheek, the Daily Mail reported Friday.
Babyshambles frontman Doherty had paid a call on his ex after photos were published of her with his former pal, MTV VeeJay Russel Brand, the newspaper said.
A source told the newspaper “her right cheek definitely looked much bigger than the other side,” but Moss’s reps said Doherty merely stopped in to take a shower and there was no injury—it was merely “an unfortunate camera angle.”
Moss and Doherty broke up after he refused to seek treatment for his highly publicized drug problems

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Carlos and Kate get Together

One website has reported that, Kate has found a new best friend in Carl Barat . Moss hooked up with Barat after one of his gigs in London recently and dumped her ‘friend’ Russell Brand to spend two and a half hours in Barat’s dressing room before heading back to the band’s hotel.

A source said “It sends a very clear message to Pete. Carl and Kate spent a lot of time talking and you can probably guess what about.
“It’s more like a couple of exes forming a bond to help each other heal their wounds. Carl was his best mate.
“It’s still very awkward for Carl to talk about it even though he gets asked all the time.
“They both still have feelings for Pete but when he’s the way he is, it’s impossible to be around him. It’s good for them to have become friends, a sort of Doherty support group. But it’ll hurt Pete, he’ll feel betrayed.”

"Moss Back with Doherty?"

Kate has fuelled rumors she's rekindled her romance with Pete after he was spotted leaving her north London home. Paparazzi took photos as he left the Kate's house earlier today and sprinted onto the road in front of a passing lorry, narrowly avoiding a serious accident. After pleading for a ride, Doherty fled on the rubbish disposal truck. Recent reports speculate the pair are dating again, nine months after Kate dumped Pete when photos of her snorting cocaine in a London recording studio were published in The Sun. She has since been linked to Big Brother's Russell Brand

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sun Slates Peter Yet Again

The Sun has reported that Pete abandoned his cousin after he suffered a heroin overdose on Monday night ,fearing he'd be prisoned if they were caught together. According to the paper, Pete was taking the drug with his cousin Mark Peter, 30, following the band's gig in Aberdeen, when Mark began to overdose. Instead of helping him, Doherty arranged for an ambulance to be called and had his cousin carried outside the venue.A source told The Sun, "Mark ended up collapsing in a coma on the floor."Pete got hysterical and started screaming about how no one should call an ambulance because he did not want the police coming."So it was decided to tip off the ambulance and carry Mark outside."

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Arrests at Bilo's Gig

Two people were arrested for disorder during a concert in Aberdeen by Babyshambles.
The concert, attended by 1,400 fans, was temporarily halted due to a fire alarm and the venue was evacuated.
Grampian Police said it was a false alarm and two people were arrested. The concert was later able to continue after fans were allowed back into the Music Hall.

Peter Wants His Dad Back

According to the papers, Pete is desperate to reconcile with his dad after their relationship with him broke down due to his drug addictions. Pete first started using heroin to avoid "the darkness" of life . Pete is still in contact with his mother but his father has disowned him. Pete says, "My dad won't talk to me. He won't acknowledge me; I'm not allowed on the army barracks they live on. "I thought he was my dad. I want a dad, I want him. I want to be close to him, I want him to be my father. I can see it's so simple in his eyes: the stupidity, destruction, wastefulness and deception that comes with the drugs, he can't accept or forgive".

Will give up drugs for Kate

Pete has told the press he wants to get clean Kate .He said he has found it hard to keep their 18 month on/off relationship going under the intense media spotlight and his drug habit.But he insists that Kate is his only chance of staying off narcotics.The Babyshambles frontman said, "I'm stupid enough to go around and keep getting arrested for drugs and basically bringing her down, bringing everything down."I'd do anything for her, if she says, 'You've got to stop taking heroin,' I will."If she says, 'You have to stop taking it right now,' then I will."

Best of luck Pete. I know all of your true fans wish you well.

Monday, May 22, 2006

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Independant:Record label drops Doherty for being 'too difficult to deal with'

We said it first here at Www.Sailthealbion.tK a few days ago, however, this is what The Independant said today:

Rough Trade, which propelled acts such as the Smiths and the Strokes to success, said Doherty's band Babyshambles no longer has a contract with them. A spokesman for Rough Trade said: "He doesn't have a contract with us. We are obviously very fond of him, but at the moment we are not working with him."
An insider said: "Rough Trade were in the process of renegotiating a deal, but the talks broke down because it just proved to be so difficult to deal with Pete and the people he surrounds himself with."

For the full story visit The Independant at :

But for up to date news, stay tuned to Www.sailthealbion.tK

"Moss Beats Up Pete"

A German newspaper has reported that Peter Doherty was attacked by Kate Moss after the blood squirting incident. According to the paper, Peter said "She only hit me gently, but she did hurt my finger!" Peter, who earlier in the week caused contoversy by squirting what appeared to be blood at an MTV camera crew, is said to be getting another implant paid for by the supermodel, in order to end his heroine addiction.

You Mosst be Joking

Friday, May 19, 2006

Boy George

Boy George has hit out at Pete Doherty saying that he’s not a proper rock star with no history.
George was reacting to the news that Doherty sprayed blood at a cameraman earlier this week and says he doesn’t understand what all the commotion is about.
He told mtv: “I don’t know what he’s done. What’d be interesting would be if he was like Mick Jagger or someone that has a history, but he’s made one record.
“It says something about the state of our industry that we’re so desperate for a rock and roll star… and we slag off Kate Moss for being a coke head and slag off Boy George for taking drugs but with Pete Doherty it’s like ‘Oh please be a rock and roll star!’ But what has he done?
“The Pete Doherty thing, I just don’t get it.”

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fans Create Anti-Sun Campaign

Fans of the former Libertines frontman, Peter Doherty, have created a "destroy the sun" campaign using myspace. The Sun has been responsible for publishing many stories about Peter which have disgusted fans, however, with Peter doing stupid things like spraying blood at camera men, it's no wonder they can easily portray him in a negative light.

Let's be realistic...The stories the tabloids write about Peter are not very far from the truth. Sure, they say things like, "Moss-Dump the junky", which is very cruel, but that is what tabloids do. You're not going to stop them. If we want Pete to start being portrayed in a positive light, then maybe he should put down the drugs and pick up the guitar.

As one member of the official Libertines forum asked, "why don't we start a Save Pete From Himself campaign?". Let's face it. Peter could be ten times better if he focused on music and poetry instead of fucking around with needles.

The mission statement of the Destroy The Sun Campaign is as follows: " Destroy the sun is a campaign to stop the villification of Pete Doherty by Britain's renowned tabloid shite-rag, The Sun. We ultimately aim to prevent the allegations, exaggerations and slanderous comments made against a troubled musical genius. "

If you feel like joining this futile, yet highly amusing campaign, click HERE!!!