Thursday, May 25, 2006

Carlos and Kate get Together

One website has reported that, Kate has found a new best friend in Carl Barat . Moss hooked up with Barat after one of his gigs in London recently and dumped her ‘friend’ Russell Brand to spend two and a half hours in Barat’s dressing room before heading back to the band’s hotel.

A source said “It sends a very clear message to Pete. Carl and Kate spent a lot of time talking and you can probably guess what about.
“It’s more like a couple of exes forming a bond to help each other heal their wounds. Carl was his best mate.
“It’s still very awkward for Carl to talk about it even though he gets asked all the time.
“They both still have feelings for Pete but when he’s the way he is, it’s impossible to be around him. It’s good for them to have become friends, a sort of Doherty support group. But it’ll hurt Pete, he’ll feel betrayed.”

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