Monday, May 08, 2006

Would you like some of Peter Doherty's blood on a canvas???

Rumours have it that Pete is planning to exhibit his "blood paintings" at a gallery soon, to prove he was drawing blood from 21 year old fan Laura Mcevoy (aka Laura Sugars) and not injection her with heroine. The Babyshambles star, who was arrested last weekend (29APR06) under the Offences Against The Person Act, insists he was using an empty needle to obtain blood for one of his works of art - which are to be priced at around $1,750 (GBP1,000) each. Doherty's self-styled literary agent PAUL ROUNDHILL says,

"Blood paintings are something he has done for a long time. "I think they help explaining the photograph of Laura. It shows he does blood paintings." Doherty's former manager JAMES MULLORD has also recently had blood drawn from him by the singer. He adds, "He was very careful, he used a new needle. "Pete has become very good at using the syringe, either scratching it on to the paper or spraying an area. "It creates an effect a little like a Ralph Steadman cartoon."

Pete may seem crazy but VanGough cut off his own ear.

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