Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Rocker BILL WYMAN has warned supermodel Kate Moss and her on-off "lunatic" boyfriend PETE DOHERTY they will soon regret their indulgent ways if they fail to quit partying. The former Rolling Stones bassist, 69, insists he always drinks tea instead of booze, and his lifelong rejection of hard drugs has left him in better shape than his contemporaries. But he watched the 'beautiful people' of the 1960s lose their looks and health through drink and drugs - and he fears Moss and Doherty are careering down the same road. He says, "Alcohol started hitting you at a certain age. "It's the same with drugs. Look at Marianne Faithfull. She was a beautiful girl. "It'll be the same with Kate Moss and that guy she hangs around with. Pete Doherty's a lunatic."

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