Monday, June 26, 2006

Pete's Pipe on E-Bay???

Yes. Someone has put a Pipe used by Pete on E-Bay, and guess what? The last time I checked, it was selling for 5p!!!!! Most likely a fake but a bargain if you are a Pete stalker.

The message on the site reads:

"Don't miss this chance to lay your hands on this excellent piece of music memorabilia. The item is Peter Doherys Pipe used during his visit in Stockholm. The mouthpiece is missing but Pete used it through the night without the mouthpiece and he smoked various things in it. During the gig and the rest of the night he had it in his inner pocket, until he gave it to me late at night. I can't say where he got it though, but the got arrested in customs entering Sweden so that is probably where he lost the mouthpiece.
The pipe itself is in excellent shape and a must have for Pete Doherty, Libertines or Babyshambles fans!"

Hummmmm??? Now why would we believe you?

I think I might start selling fake blood paintings. It good be a good money maker.

The link, if you want to buy it, is:


Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!

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