Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Whatever I Did I Didn't Do It"

Pete has knocked reports that he injected drugs during his flight from London to Spain, saying the airline lied about finding a syringe.

He claims that there was no syringe and the fact that he was released without any charges pressed against him proves his innocence.

He says: ‘When I came out (the toilet), they shut the door and locked it and got a big … luminous sign up saying ‘hazardous area’. They stopped people using the toilet. If they found a syringe, they can produce it in court.

‘We got off the plane and we all got the rubber glove treatment. They wanted to see if we had anything in our bottoms,’ the rocker said.

‘The police searched me and then half-heartedly searched a few other people and then said, ‘Enjoy the concert and enjoy your stay.’ They sent us on our merry way - most peculiar,’ he added.

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