Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bradfield has can't "offer Pete any advice"

James Dean Bradfield has said that he couldn’t offer Pete Doherty any advise to get out of his drug addled quagmire, because he’s not qualified to do so.
The Manic Street Preachers frontman was being questioned about the parallels between Doherty and missing Manic Richey Edwards when he made the comments.
Dean Bradfield told the BBC that the only similarities were that searching for perfection both messed them up. Asked about giving Doherty some helpful tips, he said: "It's impossible to give that kind of advice. "I would never have any advice to give to anybody who is close to Pete Doherty or to Pete Doherty himself because I don't feel qualified, because we really didn't know what to do ourselves with Richey. "We've re-traced our steps in terms of what happened to Richey so many times and at the end of the day Richey was surrounded by people who cared about him and who were quite sensible and still we couldn't help."

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