Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do you know WHO I think I am?

Roger Daltery of The Who has called Pete "feeble minded" and urged him to seek help. The Who frontman slates Doherty's rock 'n' roll credentials, insisting he is nothing more than a common drug addict who needs to kick his habit. The 62-year-old says, "I have time for anarchy but Pete Doherty is feeble minded. "What he does has nothing to do with rock 'n' roll. He is severely dependent and needs urgent help."


will said...

...blah, I've always hated the Who anyways.

Anonymous said... Roger Daltrey has anything to do with rock n' roll anymore! And anarchy? Hmmm...I always seem to find those people slagging hard on others aren't feeling too well about themselves and feel better cutting someone down anyway. And honestly, does it make you cool to bag on someone who was in need of help like Pete? You can't please anyone but yourself. Daltrey, you saint! You are so right, now I think you are top! Preach on! Please. 70's rock n' roll was a different definition.

Shane Hunter said...

I hope you die before you get old, too. What better way to shake off irrelevance is there? Pete is in the public eye and Daltrey, um, is'nt. Fuck the Who, fuck the cantankerous old cocksucker that 'leads' them and fuck ANYONE who agrees with him. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Lol 'Fuck Him.'