Sunday, August 20, 2006

Troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY is determined to ditch his drug-addled lifestyle, if only for the sake of his worried fans. The BABYSHAMBLES frontman's following has been begging him to clean up - and he is finally taking note. He says, "The resounding message when we hang out with kids after shows is, 'Sort yourselves out. We love your band and you're f**king up.' "They're right too. Fair play for telling us like it is too." Doherty pleaded guilty to drug possession charges yesterday (18AUG06), and has been ordered to stay at London rehab clinic The Priory until he is sentenced next month

If you're wondering why this site hasn't been kept updated, it's because I'm away on holiday in Holland for two week, but it should return to normal soon....Keep watching

Monday, August 14, 2006

Pete and Kate

It has been said by various newspapers today that Pete and Kate are set to tie the knot.

British newspapers today published pictures of Kate Moss wearing a diamond ring at a party the couple threw at a London nightclub on Saturday./p>
The pair is rumoured to be getting married in Ibiza this week, British tabloid The Sun reported.
The Sun said that “pals” of Kate Moss thought it would be a mistake for the model to marry Pete Doherty who is struggling with heroin addiction.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Libertines to Meet "for a chat" away from the Eyes of English media

Rumours have began circulating that Bilo , Biggles and Gary have arranged to have a few sneakey pints while they are in Ireland next month....Both Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things are set to play in Ireland within four days of each other.

One source said :"It would be an obvious place to meet up again and enjoy a certain level of privacy just not possible in England due to the press"

Things are looking good for the prospects of a reunion....Please please please lads.....Kiss, make up, make music!!!!


Babyshambles trashed the stage at a live TV gig for the live music show Transmission with T-Mobile on Channel 4.

Pete and the boys trashed the set at the Riverside Studios in west London.

The show also featured a performance by The Streets .

As soon as footage becomes available it will be posted here (fingers crossed)
Peter Doherty on Vroom Vroom

That's right...We've got the video in case you missed it

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rumours have it that

Pete has formed a band with Mike Skinner.

Pete has been working at Skinner's Shed Studios in London recording a new version of 'Prangin' Out', which may be The Streets next single.

The new version of 'Prangin' Out' has pete singing a part that he wrote himself.

"His style on 'Prangin' Out' reminds me of his early stuff," Skinner told NME.COM.

"But I wouldn't call it 'rapping'.

Pete's more of a poet, so it sounds really poetic."

Skinner said that the lyrics of 'Prangin' Out' - which deal with The Streets' singer's own cocaine hell - must have had a meaning for Pete."He makes my drug escapades look like schoolboy stuff," he laughed. "He's written the book on excess and tabloid problems."

Skinner told NME.COM that the two originally met years ago, but didn't get into the studio until last month.

"I was the same generation as The Libertines and the first tour we ever did was in Japan with them," Said Skinner.

"It was a festival tour where I first met Carl and Pete.

"I wanted to get Pete on 'When You Wasn't Famous' but that didn't happen.
He's quite a difficult person to get hold of."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Babyshambles to tour

This was posted on the .org forum....I hope it's true

Carlow Music Factory (September 26)
Dublin Ambassador (27)
Belfast Mandela Hall (28)
Birmingham Academy (October 1)
Leeds University (2)
Southampton Guildhall(3)
Norwich UEA (4)
London Brixton Academy (5)
Liverpool Academy (6)
Glasgow Academy (7)
Nottingham Rock City (8)
Manchester Academy (9)
Newcastle Academy (10)

Tickets are onsale from 9am on Friday (August 11). For availability after then go to NME.COM/Gigs.

Don't forget

To watch Pete on sky 1's car show VROOM VROOM tonight (tue 8).....It should be a good laugh

Contradiction or what????

A Scottish news paper has printed the following:

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss is back with junkie singer Pete Doherty.
Friends say she is sure the Babyshambles front-man wants to stay clean after rehab for heroin and crack addiction.
Kate, 32, who also did rehab after abusing cocaine, kissed and held hands with 27-year-old Doherty in a show of love at a festival in Clapham, near Bedford, on Sunday.

What the fuck????

One minute they say one thing, and then the next, they say something completely different!!!

I just hope it's true that Pete "wants to stay clean after rehab for heroin and crack addiction."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The end of Kate And Pete

Rumours have it that Pete has had enough of his roller coaster relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and is looking for a new set of cleaner friends.

Moss is said to be devastated that Doherty has called an end to their on/off relationship after admitting that he was living through “dark times” while he was dating the model.

It also seems that Doherty’s decision has been influenced by a budding relationship with ‘Love Island’ presenter Fearne Cotton.

The clean living TV presenter has impressed Doherty with her “serene nature”, reports the Star, and Doherty is hoping to see more of her.

A source said: Pete would really like to see Fearne again. Kate is the love of his life but he could do with a little bit of light relief – and some new friends.”

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Babyshambles sign up for fishing contest

Adam Ficek is testing out his rod skills.
Babyshambles have signed up to take part in a London fishing competition.
Drummer Adam Ficek will be teaming up with Resonance FM's Duncan Whittaker at Walthamstow Fisheries for the station's Rock n Fishing contest.A host of bands including The Kooks, The Holloways, Mystery Jets, Larrikin Love, Battle, Good Shoes, The Rumble Strips and The Young Knives have all signed up for the competition which is part of a 13 week series.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're all going on a summer holiday

Kate Moss has reportedly offered Pete a chance to go on a holiday with her, provided he stays 'clean' of drugs. She is said to have booked a beachside villa in Bali for the whole of August, and plans to take the troubled rocker along if he kicks drugs. Moss hopes the trip will help get him off crack and heroin. "Kate will pay for the trip if he stays clean," The Mirror quoted a mutual friend, as saying.