Saturday, August 05, 2006

The end of Kate And Pete

Rumours have it that Pete has had enough of his roller coaster relationship with supermodel Kate Moss and is looking for a new set of cleaner friends.

Moss is said to be devastated that Doherty has called an end to their on/off relationship after admitting that he was living through “dark times” while he was dating the model.

It also seems that Doherty’s decision has been influenced by a budding relationship with ‘Love Island’ presenter Fearne Cotton.

The clean living TV presenter has impressed Doherty with her “serene nature”, reports the Star, and Doherty is hoping to see more of her.

A source said: Pete would really like to see Fearne again. Kate is the love of his life but he could do with a little bit of light relief – and some new friends.”


peteslover said...

YEEEAH!!! Smart move Pete, but if youre going to move on it should be with meeeeee!

Anonymous said...

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