Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rumours have it that

Pete has formed a band with Mike Skinner.

Pete has been working at Skinner's Shed Studios in London recording a new version of 'Prangin' Out', which may be The Streets next single.

The new version of 'Prangin' Out' has pete singing a part that he wrote himself.

"His style on 'Prangin' Out' reminds me of his early stuff," Skinner told NME.COM.

"But I wouldn't call it 'rapping'.

Pete's more of a poet, so it sounds really poetic."

Skinner said that the lyrics of 'Prangin' Out' - which deal with The Streets' singer's own cocaine hell - must have had a meaning for Pete."He makes my drug escapades look like schoolboy stuff," he laughed. "He's written the book on excess and tabloid problems."

Skinner told NME.COM that the two originally met years ago, but didn't get into the studio until last month.

"I was the same generation as The Libertines and the first tour we ever did was in Japan with them," Said Skinner.

"It was a festival tour where I first met Carl and Pete.

"I wanted to get Pete on 'When You Wasn't Famous' but that didn't happen.
He's quite a difficult person to get hold of."

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