Sunday, August 20, 2006

Troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY is determined to ditch his drug-addled lifestyle, if only for the sake of his worried fans. The BABYSHAMBLES frontman's following has been begging him to clean up - and he is finally taking note. He says, "The resounding message when we hang out with kids after shows is, 'Sort yourselves out. We love your band and you're f**king up.' "They're right too. Fair play for telling us like it is too." Doherty pleaded guilty to drug possession charges yesterday (18AUG06), and has been ordered to stay at London rehab clinic The Priory until he is sentenced next month

If you're wondering why this site hasn't been kept updated, it's because I'm away on holiday in Holland for two week, but it should return to normal soon....Keep watching


SH said...

Better hit those coffee shops out there, son, mix the chronic with the hash then post how you feel!

Anonymous said...

Either Doherty's dead, or the webmaster is... my regards and some flowers if so, haha.