Sunday, September 24, 2006

Supermodel Kate Moss will wed her rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty "within weeks" after accepting a marriage proposal in a rehab clinic.
The Babyshambles singer has been battling a long-standing addiction to crack cocaine and heroin in the Priory Clinic, London, but is preparing to leave the facility after his on-off partner said yes to marriage on Wednesday.
A source tells the Sunday Mirror, "Pete had been looking like the cat who had got the cream after Kate's visit. Then he told some of the staff that he had proposed to Kate and she had said yes.
"He said they wanted to tie the knot as soon as possible. He told a staff member, 'We will run away together to somewhere where no one can find us and then we'll get married.'
"Pete insisted they won't have a big wedding, although he said Kate will want her mum to be there."
The source also reports Doherty has made massive progress at the Priory - which has convinced Moss to give him another chance.
They explain, "In counseling sessions he has said things that show he knows what he needs to do - stop taking drugs and seek help as soon as feels the urge to do so.
"Kate has been so impressed with that attitude. She has always loved him but just needed him to straighten up. Now there's nothing to stop them marrying."

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