Monday, October 16, 2006

Pete man???You're Whipped!!!L.o.L

So here's the story:Kate has told Pete to cop on a little or she will call off their alleged wedding(fair enough really I suppose). 'Kate's Commandments' are supposed to tell Pete to stop taking drugs, end contact with his 'loser' friends and call her at least thee times a day.

She also wants him to stop flirting with his fucking groupies if he wants to make her his bride, start eating properly and spend two hours every day writing poetry and music.

Rumours also have it that she has talked to his headmaster about his bad behaviour and he is bringing Pete into school on Saterday for detention in which he will be forced to write 1000 lines saying: "I must be nice to Katie...I must be nice to katie"

Come on Pete!!!Behave man. You don't wanna loose the bird again to messin and drug taking do ya?

I think maybe you could change your ways and become like Bono..............No ........Not an absolute wanker.............A living saint ready to save the world.

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