Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Back to my bad old ways..

"Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has been captured on video injecting himself with heroin - just hours after claiming he was drug-free. The shocking footage, shot using a mobile phone, shows the Babyshambles frontman crouched on the floor holding a needle in his mouth. After staring into the camera, he starts 'cooking up' what is thought to be heroin and fills the syringe. The video then shows him injecting into his right tattooed arm and he slumps forward as the drugs start to kick in. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "It's not the first time he's injected since he was supposed to have gone clean. "He may have got clean through rehab, but as soon as the temptation is put in front of him, he cannot help himself. It's so sad to see. He's been given so many chances and so many fresh starts and he just throws them all away." The clip was allegedly filmed at Doherty's home in Wiltshire, England, on Friday (02Nov07) after he returned from the MTV Europe Music Awards in Germany. At the ceremony, less than 24 hours before (01Nov07), he joked to a TV reporter he was "missing" hard drugs and has since confessed he is "in mourning" for his heroin addiction. Last week (ends02Nov07), Doherty, 28, narrowly avoided prison for drug and driving offences but was handed a two-year suspended sentence, an 18-month supervision order and a 12-month drug rehabilitation order."

Saturday, October 27, 2007


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drug Treatment Order Revoked 6 months early!

British rocker PETE DOHERTY has vowed to stay clean after a judge released him from a drug treatment order six months early on Wednesday (24Oct07). The once drug-addled Babyshambles frontman is no longer under court supervision, for the first time in 18 months, after Judge Jane MCIvor ruled she is confident Doherty will continue to follow the treatment plan he has been undergoing. Judge MCIvor told London's Thames Magistrates Court, "There is no need for statutory supervision or state funding... I wish you well." As he emerged from the hearing, Doherty, who recently completed a six-week stint in rehab, said, "It's just the beginning... My life has changed." However, Doherty is back in court on Friday (26Oct07) to answer charges dating back to an arrest in May (07), when he was caught allegedly driving while in possession of illegal drugs.

Pete Splits with 'fiancee'

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has split from his fiancee IRINA LAZAREANU, according to reports. The British singer is alleged to have felt 'smothered' by the model, who he proposed to earlier this month (Oct07). A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "He got engaged in a moment of madness when he was off his head before he checked into rehab. Pete's been questioning his sanity ever since. He liked Irina but admits the only reason he got together with her was on the rebound from Kate. "Irina turned up in Somerset at the weekend on the set of the video for Babyshambles' new single You Talk. She was always telling Pete what to do and where to go, and in the end he had to tell her it was over. Everyone's happy she's gone - it wasn't doing anything for band relations." Doherty split from supermodel Kate Moss in July (07).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Parle vous francais???

According to one of our sources, Pete and the lads bypassed a French transport workers strike on Thursday to promote their new album "Shotter's Nation".

The 28-year-old frontman and his bandmates were greeted by about 100 Gallic fans, many sporting Doherty's trademark trilby, for a signing session at the FNAC record store in Les Halles shopping mall in the heart of Paris.

Apparently Pete looks healthy these days and appears to have gained weight.

Clearly, Babyshambles are doing as good as ever with Shotter's Nation high up in the charts.....Let's hope pete can keep up the pace.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good news for Peters...both of them.

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has reunited with his estranged father after kicking his addiction to drugs. The pair haven't spoken for three years because of the Babyshambles frontman's heroin and crack cocaine habits. But Doherty claims he has reconciled with his army major dad Peter after a successful stint at the Clouds rehab clinic in England. The singer, 28, claims he was spurred on by the desire to repair his relationship with Major Peter, 53, and to set an example to his son Astile, four. Doherty says, "I'm not craving drugs any more. I have passed through the barrier. I want to be a father to my son and a son to my father."

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pete Doherty moves in with Shane McGowan.

Hey sorry for not posting in so long I was fixing everything at school and there was issues and stuff (You get the jist) But I'm back now and have a bit of news...

Rock Star Pete Doherty has said to be moving in with Irish rockstar Shane McGowan after his latest stunt in rehab.
Doherty is in rehab again to convince the court he his kicking his habit but when he gets out he will have no-where to live and so is said to be moving in to the North London rock 'n' roll haunt the Boogaloo Bar with friend and pogues singer Shane.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pete the next Benitez?

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, i've been away for a while, and then driving lessons taking over my life lol, still thats no excuse for the other contributers! lol nah Pete's been keeping quiet for the moment...

Troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY is set to manage his own young soccer team for a new reality TV show. The Babyshambles frontman - who is currently undergoing drug treatment at a residential rehabilitation centre - is in talks with TV producers to document the launch and progression of soccer side Doherty FC. Doherty will manage and train a team of youngsters and prepare them for matches against similar sides. A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Pete needs something to keep him on the straight and narrow. He loves football (soccer), so this could just be the tonic."

Another thing, my sis says she saw an advert on sky for either Delivery Single or Shotters Nation (the silly cow can't remember..) so check youtube everynow and then to see if it's up..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pete's Kitten a Druggie?

Drug addict rocker PETE DOHERTY's cat has been rescued by vets after eating cocaine, according to reports. According to British newspaper the Daily Star, the newborn kitten - recently born to Doherty's adult cat Dinger - was rushed to a clinic after falling ill. Tests found it had ingested the drug. Police are now said to be investigating the matter. A spokesperson for the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Animals) says, "It is a police matter, so we cannot deny or confirm the identity of the man who had his kitten removed. But it is very important to protect animals from substances that can do them serious harm."

Pete and Kate Back Together?

Supermodel KATE MOSS has reportedly reignited her love affair with troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY. The catwalk star split from Doherty last month (Jul07), amid reports the Babyshambles frontman had cheated on her with a mystery brunette. However, Moss has secretly been staying with the singer at a $3,000 (GBP1,500) suite in London's Claridge's hotel, reports British newspaper the Daily Mail. A friend of the British beauty tells the paper, "During her holiday in Spain, Pete was calling her on the mobile incessantly. He could not get through and the line kept going dead. "She eventually called him one evening and since that conversation, they have been continually on the phone. Kate has been like a moth to the flame. "When she got back into Britain, they met up at the hotel. He cried and she cried."

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pete on the weakest link!

Pete Doherty is planning to appear on the BBC's The Weakest Link in a bid to prove his intelligence to former girlfriend and supermodel Kate Moss, according to reports.

The Babyshambles singer who, before his well published drug addiction was an acclaimed teenage poet, hopes to become the strongest link on the Anne Robinson fronted TV show.

"People might not realise it but I am well educated and well read," explained Doherty. "I can prove to people there is more to me than just drugs."

A well informed 'source' told the Daily Express newspaper: "Kate has this romantic notion of love and finds intelligence a huge turn-on. Pete thinks going on the show will prove to her that he does have the depth and IQ that she loves so much."

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

Shotters Nation

Will be the name of the new Shambles album and NOT French Dog Blues, according to NME..

Babyshambles' new album, due for release in October, will be named 'Shotter's Nation'.

After rumours had circulated the internet about the name of the album, a source close to the band has confirmed the title to NME.COM.

The first single from the album, 'Delivery', will be released on September 17.

'Shotter's Nation' will not be released for another two months at least, but NME.COM has heard the album already.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pete banned from London.

Pete has told NME.com today (August 7th) that as a result of his appearance in court today he has been banned from London.
Meanwhile his sentencing for possessing class A drugs has been held off for a month while he continues rehab.
However one of the conditions set by the west London magistrates court is the Doherty must stay with family while he tries to quit drugs.

"I can't stay with mum not while shes with dad, I'm not quite sure where I'm staying" Doherty explained "Is there any NME readers outside London who want to put me up?"

See full story at http://www.nme.com/news/babyshambles/30161

New Tattoo

Pete's got 'Astile' (the name of his son by singer Lisa Moorish) tattooed on his neck...

Pat Back?

Last Friday Pat joined the shambles for a London gig, with Pete sporting hideous peroxide hair..

Pic above..

Kate on new album...

Troubled BABYSHAMBLES rocker PETE DOHERTY had a little help on his latest album - from ex-girlfriend KATE MOSS. The supermodel revealed last week (ends03Aug07) she had aspirations of becoming a lead singer in a band had her catwalk career not taken off, and she proved her talents on Doherty's much-hyped new record by penning most of the words to Babyshambles song You Talk. He reveals, "I wrote that with Kate sat in bed. I was just trying to impress her and in the end she changed a lot of the words and it found its way onto the album." The couple split in early July (07), amid reports Doherty had cheated on Moss with a mystery brunette. The band's as-yet-untitled album is due for release in October (07).

Pete Sentenced Today..

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty is to be sentenced in court today for a number of drugs and driving offences.

The singer pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine as well as two driving charges at a hearing last month.

He was ordered to attend a court-imposed period in rehab, which he has done, ahead of sentencing today.

Doherty was told by the judge that all options, including custodial sentencing, would be considered.

The musician was arrested on May 5th in London when he was stopped by police while driving his car.

He was recording his band's new album at the time, which his lawyer Sean Curran said had got on top of him along with his personal life.

The singer has been involved in a relationship with the supermodel Kate Moss intermittently over the last two years.

Babyshambles' new album is released in October, their first LP release since 2004's Down in Albion.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Irish mirror today.

Pete asks mirror to publish a story and help him get Kate back,
Truly upsetting to read and it seems he's really worried and wants her back,
Sorry for the short post see full story here,

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Doherty has escaped Gaol Again

The singer Pete Doherty has escaped jail after a judge decided to defer sentencing him for drugs offences on condition he goes into rehab. Doherty earlier pleaded guilty to possessing crack cocaine and heroin at West London Magistrates' Court. He was warned by Judge Davinder Lachhar that he would go into custody if he failed to take up a place he was offered on a detox programme. Doherty, 28, pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing illegal drugs. As well as crack cocaine and heroine, he also pleaded guilty to possessing quantities of cannabis and ketamine as well as to two driving offences. Last chance Earlier, a warrant was issued for his arrest because he was more than two hours late for his hearing. But the singer finally arrived and waded through a crowd of photographers into the court house. At court the judge told him: "If you go to this place to have detox and take advantage of it then we will see what sentence is appropriate when you next come." "But if you do not I can tell you now that you will go into custody." He was charged after he was stopped in a car by officers in Kensington High Street, west London, on 5 May. Doherty has appeared in court on a number of drug offences over the past nine months and was praised in April by District Judge Jane McIvor at Thames Magistrates' Court for "more than co-operating" in his struggle to beat his addiction to illegal substances.

Visit: http://www.politics.ie/viewtopic.php?t=24014 for full story

Saturday, June 23, 2007

No reunion at Glasto.

The Libertines did not, as rumoured reunite at Glasto putting it down to Dirty Pretty Things flying out early after finishing their set.
Despite this both Babyshambles and DPT played fantastic sets which were well resived by the crowd.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Great news for Libertines fans with Glasto tickets.
Rumour has it Pete and Carl will once again reunite for a special show.
Both Carls and Petes bands are playing on the acoustic stage and they will mett up to play a gig together on Saturday.
This comes just shortly after the great success of the last reunion at the Hackney Empire in London in which Carlos made a surprise performance .
I'm sure everyone who goes will have a spectacular time and for the rest of us...at least this one may be televised.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Carl and Pete have been recording together again!

Carl and Pete are recording again today (june 15th)
The two are recording "A day in the life" for radio 2's project to record the 'Sgt.Peppers lonely hearts club band' to celebrate it 4oth Birthday.
They are working on the project today in a west London studio.
This will accompany other tracks from the album recorded by razorlight and Oasis to name a few.
Their version of the track will be broadcast on radio 2 tomorrow night (June 16th) at 8pm.

see http://www.nme.com/news/the-libertines/29001

Monday, June 11, 2007

"Wasted Pete Doherty hides in a bush"

Pete Doherty was collected late by a photographer after being refused a lift in a taxi.
Pete, who has recently been making an effort to quit drugs was spotted hiding behind a bush talking to himself.
After being collected Pete slumped in a children's booster chair at the back of the car sweating heavily and mumbling "The demons are coming to get me" he also spoke about having children with girlfriend Kate Moss and how he didn't like people wearing her clothes, he then went on to say he would be bigger the Sir. Paul McCartney.

When all was looking well for Pete this is a major setback for his recovery but we hope he gets well soon.


Thanks to F**k Forever from the forum for the news.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fuck Forever (live) - high quality video

Flatmate from hell

It's official. The votes are in and Pete Doherty has been named the celebrity flatmate from hell, taking the victory in a huge landslide.

For all his rock n roll charm and misunderstood ways, the headline-courting Babyshambles frontman has been placed top of the list of flatmates that people would dread to share a flat with. According to the survey, commissioned by freeads.co.uk, Doherty took 60 per cent of the votes overall.

"We were expecting Pete to feature highly on the flatmates from hell list, but taking nearly 60 per cent of the votes was a landslide we weren't expecting," commented freeads.co.uk chief executive Duncan Horton, according to the Daily Record.

At the other end of the scale cheeky chappie radio presenter Chris Moyles was the most popular celebrity flatmate, followed by soul singer Amy Winehouse and the ever-pleasant Cameron Diaz.

Other celebs who did not fare so well in the rankings included Britney Spears, who was voted as an undesirable flatmate by more than a quarter of people questioned.

Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Simon Cowell were also among the flatmate from hell list, as well as Doherty's long-standing love interest Kate Moss.

Friday, June 01, 2007


For more Pete news, please check out the forum (http://petedohertyforum.com/) we now have just under 200 members..

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Dance Gig DJ Thingy..

Pete was supposedly books for a Dance DJing festival, and he didn't turn up, resulting in more negative press..

However he has since said he was never booked and the organisers were using his name to sell tickets! (bastards..!) Anyway they havent issued a public apology so he may sue them (he has the advantage of knowing a court room back to front ;) )

In other news... Pete and Kate are soaking up the sun in Ibiza – in their tight skinny jeans. The hot couple looked almost like normal holidaymakers while relaxing on the island’s Es Cavallet beach. They kissed, cuddled, drunk sangria and even ATE paella at a beach restaurant earlier this week. The Babyshambles frontman – celebrating finishing recording his band’s second album – took his top off to catch some rays while Kate wore a bikini top. But the couple refused to pull themselves out of their sweaty tight denim, despite the baking heat.

Here are some pics:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Pete Quiz!!

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Album Delay..

Recording on troubled rocker Pete Doherty's new Babyshambles album has been delayed after his bassist fractured a bone. Strummer Drew MCConnell fractured a bone at the base of his spine during a recording session at a west London studio as he attempted to catching a falling double bass. MCConnell laments, "I have a hairline fracture at the base of my spine. "I'm not allowed to sit down for two weeks. Joy."

Pete 'pawned' Kate's stuff..

Pete Doherty tried to pay off a £250 taxi fare by offering fiancĂ© Kate Moss's belongings to the cab driver.A report in the Mirror claims that the troubled singer, who has recently been arrested once again on suspicion of possessing class A drugs, ran out of petrol in Camden and got a taxi to Kate Moss's home in St John's Wood.But the taxi driver then explained to the paper that Pete, 28, then came flying out of Kate's flat clutching a suitcase, an empty picture frame and a guitar, while a furious Kate hurled a glass at him.The cab driver, Roland Andrews, said Pete then told him to drive to Kate's second home in the Cotswolds, explaining that he had "women trouble"."I've messed up my life. I've messed up with everyone around me," said Pete, according to Mr Andrews.When they arrived in the Cotswolds Pete said he only had £100 on him, but that Mr Andrews should phone his accountant to get the remaining money. The taxi driver said: "He asked me to help him unload his stuff into Kate's house and then he said, 'If there's anything here you want then help yourself to it. The missus won't mind'."But he added that while he didn't take Pete up on the offer, when he rang Pete's accountant, he was told he knew nothing of the missing £150.


Pete was arrested on Saturday night, after a car he was in was stopped by police in Kensington High Street, west London (slightly more upmarket arrest location, nice to see Pete is being a bit more particular these days). Crack cocaine and cannabis were reportedly found in his possession, he was escorted to the local police station, released on bail pending investigation until June and ordered to return to the police station next month. This history of rock type 7-part documentary series, which will be broadcast on BBC2 from 19th May at 9pm and each Saturday night thereafter until 30th June, looks like it might be quite good. The Seven Ages of Rock explores the music that has been the soundtrack to our popular culture and defined each generation since the 1960's. The Libertines feature in the final extended instalment (on 30th June; entitled What the World is Waiting For, it covers the subject of British Indie Rock), which makes it even more potentially quite good. The previous six episodes will cover The Birth of Rock, Art Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Stadium Rock and American Alternative Rock.The June 2007 issue of MOJO magazine has a 100 Records That Changed the World, feature, as selected by MOJO's favourite musicians, and Up the Bracket gets a mention (though quite a way down the list). And finally tonight, Matt wrote in to tell us about a short article about the early days of The Libertines, which he has written for issue #14 of Stranger magazine. The article includes an unpublished picture of the band rehearsing, and a couple of new quotes from Mr Razzcocks. The magazine is available in UK branches of Borders, through the website and there's a full list of places you can buy it from, on the site too.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Keane: 'Let Doherty Take Drugs'

KEANE frontman TOM CHAPLIN believes Pete Doherty should be left alone to conquer his drug problems himself. The troubled Babyshambles singer has spent years battling an addiction to drugs, and despite various arrests and stints in rehab, he has failed to stay sober for over a year. Chaplin, who checked into prestigious rehab clinic The Priory in London at the same time as Doherty last year (06), says the boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss will only give up drugs if he really wants to. Chaplin tells British music magazine Q, "No-one's got any right to stop him killing himself."

Pete's Solo Album Sorted!

British rocker Pete Doherty has finished recording his first solo album and hopes to release it later this year (07). The 28-year-old star, who is about to enter the studio to tape a second disc with his band Babyshambles, hopes his record label will also allow him to release his solo debut - untouched. He says, "Well to be honest, I think it's pretty much done. It's just now trying to convince the record company that everything doesn't need to be highly polished." However a record company source tells NME.com, "We're really keen to release Pete's acoustic record at some point in the future, but not until after the next Babyshambles album, that will come out first."

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Forum - Really Good! Recommended to all!

Pete is reportedly playing an acoustic set with Ark Of The Covenant, Left Hand and Retro Crooks at the Woodbury Tavern (618 Seven Sisters Rd, N15), this very evening.November is a likely date for a new album release from the Baby Shambles. Pete has indicated that Baby Shambles are going to be recording new material with respected producer Stephen Street (who has previously been associated with The Smiths (credited as an engineer on their early albums and later as producer), plus solo Morrissey, Blur, The Cranberries and more recently Kaiser Chiefs). The band have also hinted during an interview (minus Pete) with xfm that some collaborations could be in the pipeline for the next album:"There's talk of Shaun Ryder maybe doing something on it", the band divulged, "And Amy Winehouse as well may be doing a little collaboration. She's a friend of ours. The Shaun Ryder one is in negotiation at the moment. Our people are talking to their people hopefully...we'll see what happens."As for single titles there's already plenty to choose from with over 35 tracks written to select for the album. "'Delivery', I think, is one of my favourites", bassist Drew McConnell revealed, "And I'm trying to talk the rest of the band into re-recording 'I Wish'". "What else?", continued drummer Adam Ficek, "'Carry On Up The Morning', 'Death Left Hands' and 'There She Goes (a little heartache)'."Turning next to plans for an arena tour later this year, which includes a Wembley date, the band revealed that they were had initial trepidations, but soon came around to the idea. "I wasn't sure", McConnell explained, "Because I thought that we're the kind of band that plays smaller venues and bigger than Brixton Academy, are we punching above our weight? And Adam shrugged and went 'Yeah, but wouldn't it be cool to say 'We've played Wembley Arena'.""We've been called an underachiever sort of band," Ficek interjected, "Hopefully after the arena tour we'll be in the position where we can rightfully say we're one of the best bands in Britain."Today's Sunday Mirror reports that Pete will be booking into a Midlands clinic tomorrow for yet another naltrexone implant.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Pete not getting naked..

The highly praised revival of Peter Shaffer's play Equus is to close because suitable big-name replacements cannot be found for its stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Daniel Radcliffe is 'in discussions' about Broadway Pete Doherty, the drug-addicted rock star and boyfriend of Kate Moss, the model, was even considered as a replacement for Radcliffe, 17, who appears naked in the psychological drama and who has helped make it a near sell-out because of his fame in the title role of the Harry Potter films. David Pugh, the producer, watched Doherty give a recent concert and said that he "stood up well" to performing. But he said that he did not offer the 28-year-old Babyshambles singer the part in the West End production of Equus after holding discussions with his manager. Jamie Bell, who played the title role in the film Billy Elliot, was offered Radcliffe's part as Alan, a disturbed teenager who blinds horses, but would not accept it unless he could also appear in the Broadway production next year. The West End's economy is brittle, especially for straight plays, but with its two stars, the revival has been a huge and unexpected success. Mr Pugh's decision not to recast the parts but to close it when their contracts end on June 9, after 150 performances, is a major surprise. Straight plays, fighting for attention against musicals, struggle for audiences in the West End but Equus, staged at the high cost of £700,000, has been grossing £300,000 a week and it paid off its costs in the first nine weeks. Mr Pugh offered Richard Griffiths part as the psychiatrist, Dysart, to the Hollywood actor Robin Williams. "He was interested but then he was offered another movie," said the producer. Without a bankable big name and with American visitor numbers expected to fall in the summer because of the sliding dollar, Mr Pugh said yesterday that he decided to close the show "on a high". He said: "We could have replaced Dan and Richard, but the thought of having to do a half-cocked production into the summer didn't thrill us. There are half-a-dozen very good and upcoming young actors who could have taken over from Dan, but then I needed to get the right Dysart. "I'm not exactly inexperienced doing cast changes. I did 26 of them on Art [Yasmin Reza's long-running hit play which he produced] but it's been much more difficult with Equus." A national tour of Equus, so far uncast, is to follow the West End closure and Mr Pugh is to take the revival to Broadway in early summer next year. Griffiths and Radcliffe have been offered the New York run, but both are said to be "still in discussions" about it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Pete Gets His Own Back!

Pete Doherty has got his own back on a photographer trying to take snaps of him with lover Kate Moss by throwing a bucket of cold water over him.The Babyshambles front man attacked the paparazzo with a bucket of water at Kate's home in St John's Wood, just hours after being praised for his efforts to cut drugs out of his life.Pete launched the bucket over photographer Oliver Polter in a fit of rage as Kate returned home, narrowly missing the supermodel with the icy cold water.After attending a review of his drug treatment order earlier in the day, this display of anger could be seen as a step back for Pete, although he was praised by the district judge in court.DJ Jane McIvor said: "There's no obligation for you to turn up to the reviews. The fact you've turned up shows co-operation … and there is no risk of you breaching this order."And outside the court, Pete seemed calm enough while he signed autographs for fans and strummed his guitar. However, later that day, it seems he thought enough is enough.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pete: Kate kept me off drugs..

Rocker Pete Doherty was determined to beat his drug addiction because his loved ones had "had enough" with his wild ways. The Babyshambles frontman - who is in a longterm relationship with supermodel Kate Moss - was attending a review of his drug treatment order at Thames Magistrates' Court in east London this morning (18Apr07) when he revealed he had been given an ultimatum by his friends and family to stay off drugs or be forced to choose between the two. He told the court, "The people I'm closest to have had enough. They've said it's drugs or them. A lot has changed in the past week." Presiding over the case, District Judge Jane MCIvor praised Doherty for his co-operation and replied, "It's a hard road, isn't it? It's not easy. All we can do is provide the network. You have to do all the hard work." Doherty was ordered to undergo a treatment programme following his arrest for possession of drugs in April last year (06).

Co-orperation in drugs reveiw!

Rocker Pete Doherty has been praised by the judge reviewing his drug treatment order for being "more than co-operating". The Babyshambles frontman was attending the hearing at Thames Magistrates' Court in east London this morning (18Apr07), after he was ordered to undergo a treatment programme following his arrest for possession of drugs in April last year (06). Doherty told the court, "I'm quite keen to show a negative test as soon as possible." Despite the 28-year-old being 30 minutes late for court, District Judge Jane MCIvor said, "There's no obligation for you to turn up to the reviews. "The fact you've turned up shows co-operation - more than co-operation - and there is no risk of you breaching this order."

Tours losing money!

Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has reportedly lost over $39,000 (GBP20,000) on his UK tours. The Babyshambles frontman's firm Babyshambles Touring made a loss of $42,375 (GBP21,731) last year (06), according to accounts obtained by British newspaper Daily Mirror. Meanwhile, his other business, Babyshambles Limited only made a profit of $3,724 (GBP1,910). An accounting source says, "His accounts don't make pretty reading. To see someone with his talent unable to make any money is a waste. What money he has had has been spent on drugs." Doherty's financial state may have been influenced by the fact he has repeatedly failed to turn up to his own gigs, leaving fans having to sought refunds. Babyshambles were dumped by Rough Trade Records last year (06) after poor sales of their debut album Down In Albion. Doherty is hoping his next album under his new deal with Parlophone will be more successful.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pete referred to Kate..

..As his fiancé at the first 'An Evening' (The one before playing with Carl).

Pete and Carl Reuinited!

Pete Doherty and Carl Barat played 13 songs at the second of Doherty's An Evening With Pete Doherty gigs at the Hackney Empire. During the second half of the show Doherty teased the audience by saying: "You've been waiting for this moment. Ladies and gentlemen Mr Carlos Barat...only joking! What do you expect for 25 quid?"Then Barat bounded on stage, wearing a Dior Homme suit and a trilby. The duo played 13 Libertines classics, including 'What Katie Did' and 'Time For Heroes'. They whispered and hugged each other in between songs, while during their cover of Mama Cass With The Mamas & The Papas' 'Dream A Little Dream', Barat performed a little tap dancing routine. The duo played song 'Albion', with Barat joining in on vocals. The song was originally considered for The Libertines but was included on Babyshambles 2005 album 'Down In Albion'.Returning for a quick encore, the pair played 'The Delaney', left the stage and then re-emerged triumphantly holding each others hands in the air.However the reunion continued outside the back of the venue.After the show fans shot round to the venue's dressing room windows and managed to convince the pair to reappear.Appropriately enough Doherty and Barat performed an impromptu version of 'Can't Stand Me Now' for the mass of fans, while Doherty's girlfriend Kate Moss watched on.Prior to Barat taking to the stage for the reunion, Doherty played a number of songs solo and with guest Alan Wass and Bert Jansch including 'Killamangiro' and 'Cyclops'.

The reunited Libertines played:

'What A Waster'

'Death On The Stairs'

'The Good Old Days'

'What Katie Did'

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Pete and Carl reunion talk...

The pair were spotted recently,(see photo) fueling more rumours about a libs reunion. Barat has recently said "We're doing different things but I'd be happy to work with Pete again. Our relationship hasn't really faded away."
Only time will tell I suppose!
(thanks to stylish_kid from the forum who informed us of this).

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shane McGowen To Be Best Man

A prominent source in the world of the shambles has told sailthealbion.blogspot.com that Shane McGowen of The Pogues is to be Pete and Kate's best man when they marry in Ireland this summer.

According to the source, the couple are to be married sometime this summer in Kilsheelan, County Tipperary, at Castle Gurteen, the home of artist Gottfried Helnwein.

Suprisingly, the castle was the venue for Marilyn Manson's marriage to Dita Von Teese.

The question is, will Shane or Pete be able to stand and the alter at all??? Who knows!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Pete the family man..

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY plans to start a family with his supermodel girlfriend KATIE MOSS as soon as possible, according to his uncle. PHIL MICHELS claims the BABYSHAMBLES frontman, who has a son ASTILE with former lover LISA MOORISH, is keen to settle down with Moss. He says, "Pete and Kate are so in love - they're talking about starting a family together. "Pete is already a doting stepfather to (Moss' daughter) LILA GRACE, and loves spending time with her. "They're setting up home together at the moment, and once that's sorted they'll have a massive showbiz wedding."

The YouTube Video..

PETE DOHERTY and KATE MOSS released a video of them together in a bid to win a record contract, the rocker has confessed. A clip showing the singer strumming a guitar while the scantily-clad supermodel watches has become a massive hit on video sharing website YouTube, attracting more than 100,000 viewers. Doherty admits the pair have been writing music together and hope the video will help them forge a music career as a duo. The BABYSHAMBLES rocker says, "We're trying to write songs together and trying to get signed. "People have been saying that Kate's annoyed at the video being posted but she said I should do it. "It takes a long time to get signed these days and we thought we would post stuff on my website to speed things up a bit. "That clip is about a month old and I've got a few more to post online as well."

Pete and Kate documentary.

Supposedly the couple are piecing together a documentary using videos such the one we posted about on 2nd April. Of course this is being called attention seeking by some critics out there. Oh well!
By the way, did anyone manage to get to the shambles gig yesterday in London? (thanks to Emma from the forum who told us about this).

Monday, April 02, 2007

Daniel Craig - Stylish!

Daniel Craig has been named as the most stylish celebrity in a poll by men's magazine GQ.

Prince Harry is the first royal to make it into the top ten, where he is joined by Clive Owen, David Beckham, Pete Doherty and Jude Law.

Razorlight Thank Pete

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL blames hero John Lennon for his drug habit, and credits rock rival PETE DOHERTY with helping him kick it. Borrell - reportedly dating actress KIirsten Dunst - insists he was inspired to try drugs because of the late BEATLE's experimentation with narcotics. But he insists Doherty, who he has feuded and physically fought with in the past, has helped him leave his habit behind. Borrell says, "Pete was inspirational."

New vid...

Thought I'd share this.
Posted by Pete on FDB, 2 April

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Make or Break time for Shambles..

Rockers Babyshambles live in fear of being eclipsed by other bands on the British music scene if they fail to harness the potential of troubled frontman Pete Doherty. Drummer Adam Ficek believes it is make-or-break time for the band - but hopes the group's strong musical ethic will make their new album a success with Doherty on board. He says, "We're lucky enough to have another stab and if we don't get it right this time, there are so many great bands out there that'll just overtake us. "(But) everybody is maturing in the band and we're getting stronger as a unit. Musically, we're stronger than we've ever been."

Pete will never be 'eclipsed' and will be forever idolised by many in my opinion, therefore Adam is talking rubbish...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Babyshambles & Co. fight racism.

"Artists including Babyshambles, The View and Albert Hammond Jr. are teaming up to tackle cynical racists trying to exploit music fans.

The acts have been marshalled by Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell to appear on a special CD to counter an attempt by far-right groups to sneak their messages across.

Following a similar ploy in the US, individuals with links to hate groups like Combat 18 are assembling a CD of white power bands for a compilation entitled 'Project Schoolyard'.

The racists plan to hand out free CDs to young children outside schools.

Deciding he couldn't tolerate this assault on young minds, McConnell has teamed-up with Trangressive Records singer Lisa Moorish and the Love Music Hate Racism campaign to release their own CD this summer."
-From NME.com, full story on http://www.nme.com/news/babyshambles/27435

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nudey Petey???

According to the website fashionista.com. photographer Ryan McGinley has photographed Pete Doherty and Kate Moss naked for the June issue of W magazine

However, Stuart Higgins , a representative Storm Model Agency says the story about Kate Moss and Pete Doherty posing nude for W magazine is totally untrue.

The nude W pictures follow April's Vogue shoot of the couple, which was supervised by Anna Wintour.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our Forum

Don't Forget Everybody

Check Out The Sail The Albion


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All Hands On Decks

Pete will be taking to the decks at the Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem, along with members of The Ordinary Boys, Franz Ferdinand, The Futureheads and more...

He will headline the new Teenage Kicks Arena, alongside Preston from The Ordinary Boys, Paul Thompson from Franz Ferdinand, Ross and Jaff from The Futureheads, Belle and Sebastian and Shit Disco.

Gatecrasher's Simon Raine said: “There has always been a unique crossover between the world’s of dance and indie music and we want to celebrate this at Summer Sound System in a way that is unique and fits with the whole dance festival culture. There is some quite anarchic about members of coolest UK bands becoming DJs, you never know what musical style or sound may come up with!”

Other acts already confirmed include Judge Jules, Mauro Picotto, Mr Scruff, Fabio & Grooverider, Timo Maas, Andy C and Marco V.
Gatecrasher Summer System takes place at Lotherton Hall in Leeds on 27 May.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Katie Lewis & Pete

Ron Weasley, aka Rupert Grint is going out with a former drug user who went out with Pete Doherty.

According to one British newspaper, the couple met at the NME awards earlier this month.
And despite the five-year age gap the couple have been inseparable ever since.

A friend of Rupert's said: "He and Katie have been seeing each other for a few weeks and are both really keen. They share a love of music so as soon as they met they clicked. It's early days but they are very happy together."

Katie, originally from Wales, dated Babyshambles front-man Doherty for nearly a year after meeting him at a gig in East London however, within weeks Katie had become caught up in Pete's drug abuse.

She eventually kicked drugs and is now working towards her own successful music career fronting rock band Bonnie And Clyde.

From Pete to Ron Weasley....Who saw that coming?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Still Having The Craic!!!

According to reports, Pete has admitted he still smokes crack every day.

Despite vowing to kick his habit Pete has blatantly flaunted his substance abuse.

In an interview with the New York Daily News newspaper, Pete said: "I always stumble back on it sooner or later, even if it's for half an hour a day." Pete even took a drag out a crack pipe during the interview.

Please Pete...Get better soon!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pete's new house...

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's new neighbours could be Kate Moss and Pete Doherty.

Kate and Pete have been viewing a £5 million mansion just a few steps away from Gwyneth and Chris' home in Belsize Park, London.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "They are pretty keen on this place on Chris and Gwyneth's road. They like it because there are options to make it a bit more private."

Pete and Kate are planning to take a second look at the Georgian property this week.

If the couple buy it, their other celebrity neighbours, will include Oasis star Noel Gallagher, comedian David Walliams and TV presenter Chris Evans.

Pete is expected to earn £2 million this year from an upcoming record deal with Parlophone and a tour with his band Babyshambles.

A source revealed: "Pete never even used a bank account, but that has all changed. He used to hate the idea of owning a house. But now he sees it as a wonderful chance to settle down and pledge himself to Kate."

Fair Play Pete!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pete the Girly Man

Pete has been pictured in the past dressed in drag, but now with all of Kate Moss’ clothes at his disposal he must be over the moon.

When asked by The Daily Star (U.K.) about his love for women's fashion items, Doherty reportedly said: “Oh year I love them - especially the eyeliner. It’s a laugh as it can make the right changes to your features.

“I just don’t get all the fuss when people see fellas wearing women’s clothes.

“I mean, I love Kate’s stuff and have tried some bits on. What’s wrong with that?

“Footwear is the key and it make you feel good…very good, if you get my drift.”

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amusing Story about Pete from BBC..

A text he sent is being turned into artwork:



Arena Tour!! (www.babyshambles.net/gigs)

Tickets go on sale from 22nd March and the full list of dates are:

22nd November - Manchester MEN Arena

23rd November - Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

25th November - Brighton Centre (MY HOME TOWN! TRY AND STOP ME FROM BEING THERE!)

26th November - Bournemouth BIC

27th November - Wembley Arena

28th November - Birmingham NIA

30th November - Nottingham Arena

1st December - Glasgow SECC

Babyshambles (and the likes of Damon Albarn, Brian Eno, Annie Lennox, Kaiser Chiefs and Ian Brown) are amongst a host of folk who have signed up to an anti-nuclear campaign with CND, to oppose government plans to upgrade the UK's Trident nuclear missiles. The campaign states that the weapons are dangerous and not needed to defend the country. Pete and Kate celebrated his 28th Birthday in style this week, with a romantic champagne picnic near her Cotswolds home. Later, they went for a drive in Kate's MG sports car before flying back to London, rather poshly, by helicopter. Here are some pics of them in the Cotswolds this week and also posing with the helicopter.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Pete and Katie are sharing a 'joint' mortgage (nice headline). It will be the first time he has owned a house (The Albion Rooms were rented). Her friends are a bit pissed because they don't think it's the best move for her (mildly understandable..)

Pete is going to be on the front cover of the spring/summer issue of French Vogue Hommes International. See pic below.

Wow this is one pretty big post.. lol Hope you all had a good weekend!

Legacy of The Libertines

In the Independent (09/03/2007) there is a piece about the bands The Libertines have inspired and the legacy they left behind them.
Read the piece here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Babyshambles Gig Clips

Buy NME (£2) and you get a FREE DVD with clips from Babyshamlbes Brixton gig.

Friday, March 16, 2007

New babyshambles album going well.

Ruth here I know i'm under another name but this is because I'm an idiot and i will be using this profile from now on.

Good update on Babyshambles in the NME this week.
definatly worth a read theres no interview with Pete a such but there are a few qoutes from the drummer Adam Ficek.
This album is set to have a late 60s garage feel to it and its not to have the same witty quality to it as "Down on albion"
"Musically we're more stable now then we've ever been" Ficek declared.
Apparently the band are stronger now as a unit then they have ever been.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pete's Birthday

Tomorrow! Lets hope he doesn't enjoy himself too much...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...I am most pleased to announce...

Sailthealbion now has discussion forums! I've created a simple discussion forum, for fans to chat on, about Pete, BabyShambles, whatever! The address for this is www.petedoherty.co.nr (original domain petedoherty.myfastforum.org).
Please join and post as much as possible. There are some other forums about the Shambles, but they're poorly modded, and very unreliable, so this could take off and be very handy if everyone makes a bit of effort. I'll make the other contributors here moderators/admins on it if they wish (They'll have to join up and indicate to me their usernames first though).
I hope everyone here is happy with this addition, please comment to let us know what you think.
Cheers, Mark.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oxegen 07

hey I'm Ruth and i'm a new contributer on sailthealbion and glad to be as well i hope i do alrightand tell me if i'm doing something wrong!
So ya Pete and Carl are my hero's And i'm a fanatic!
so alot of ye may have heard this but because it hasnt been posted...
Babyshambles have been announced to play at this years oxegen fesitval up the counrty (Ireland) the dates are the 8th and 9th of July and if the last few shambles gigs are anything to go by this perfomance is not to be missed the chances are it will be played on Mtv 2 and if we're lucky they may have an interview as well!
Hope this comes in handy,

New Libertines Album June 07!

No no, Pete and Carl arn't getting back together (as far as I'm aware), but their 70 year old drummer from the beginning plans to release some tracks they recorded all those years ago (around 7 now!).

Paul Dufour (aka Mr Razzcocks - the original drummer with The Libertines) did a 'talk' at Leicester's De Montfort University on 1st March, one of a series of cultural events being held by the Uni, which are open to the public. Paul talked about his experience from the early days of the band and also played some of those much talked about early recordings/video, which are in his possession. As reported in NME some months back, he confirmed that it was still his intention to get these early works publicly released but was waiting for word from Mercury Records; apparently there is a proposed release date for Breck Road Lover of 1st May and then an album of around 20 songs released on 1st June, under the name of The Libertines. There was even talk of the band getting together to do some promotion for these releases, but in reality this is surely not really a possibility (would be nice though!).

Here's a picture of Pete and Kate leaving NME Awards on Thursday night I just stumbled upon...

The couple were asked to leave the ceremony by security after a series of incidents at the ceremony held at Hammersmith Palais. According to a source who spoke to NME.COM on the condition of remaining anonymous, the couple got into trouble after becoming too amorous for the security personel's liking. The source said the loved-up pair were first caught trying to get into the venue's toilets together and were later caught in an alleyway at the back of the building together. The anonymous source said: "Pete and Kate were trying to get into the premises' toilets but they were removed by the bouncers and told to go back to their table. " Later they were both caught in a dark alleyway at the back of the building. So we got their own security guards to put them in a car and take them home." He added there had also been an earlier incident when Doherty was stopped from taking a spoon from his table (For the innocents out there, can be used for heating up drugs such as heroin). According to the source, the couple were removed from the premises at 8.30pm, before Moss could present Primal Scream with their Godlike Genius award as scheduled.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Picture of Pete and Carl

From last Thursday's NME Awards.

I like the whole ciggie in the hat look! But God knows what he was thinking with that chain...

Carl, Pete's Best Man

News just in: Pete has asked Carl to be his best man at his his wedding to Adam...only joking...Kate....... Apparently Carl was quoted to say “We had a heart-to-heart the other day and at the end of the conversation, Pete asked me if I’d be up for being his best man. “He told me he and Kate were desperate to marry… I was shocked but delighted. I’m really touched that after all we’ve been through together we could finally put it all behind us and move on.”

Now all you have to do is play music together and we'll all be happy!!!

New Dirty Pretty Things Album Summer 2007

Hi Guys,

I'm one of the new contributers, thought i'd introduce myself. Basically my names James, i'm doing A Levels in Brighton at the moment, and hope to go to university in Liverpool. I'm a huge Pete fan, Love all the songs, although my favourites have to be Up The Bracket, Don't Look Back Into The Sun, Fuck Forever, and 8 Dead Boys. Although I must admit I love them all! I've read Last of the Rock Romantics, The Shambolic Libertine, and My Prodigal Son (all strongly recomended!).

Anyway back to what you're here for!

Anthony confirmed recently that DPT will be recording their second album this summer, with the intention of an antumn release. Fifteen or so songs have been written and the band will be leaning towards something totally different to the sound of Waterloo to Anywhere.

Personally I can't wait, some Waterloo to Anywhere tunes were great (Deadwood was true Libertine standard in my opinion).

Thanks for reading my first (of hopefully many) ramblings!


A bit of praise for once...

"Punctual, smart, clean and with girlfriend in tow, Pete's cleaned up and has new material to show off. What's going on?"

This weeks issue of NME praises Pete for his good behaviour of late, and for being just a mere eight minutes late for a show in Brixton Academy. The show went down very well and plenty of new material was thrown in the set too. Read the article for yourself here http://www.nme.com/reviews/babyshambles/8257

It's looking good for fans of Pete at the minute, let's hope he can continue this show of punctuality into the summer when BabyShambles are appearing at Oxegen.

[To anyone who cares, I'm the new contributor, Mark, and I bumped into Dan at the Shambles gig last September! Cheers for adding me too Dan.]

New Contributer

Hi Guys,

Good news for the Sailthealbion blog!!!!!!!!It is being rejuvinated at last and should be back to bringing you all the best news on Pete and the guys soon...

We have a brand new contributer (I don't know if he wants to give out his real name so I'll let him tell you himself) but he's a huge Pete fan and knows his stuff....

I'll also keep the site updated with all the inside info on the shambles I can get my hands on...


Monday, February 26, 2007


As you can see this blog used to be updated all the time but in the recent times has become destroyed......This is why I am looking for some new moderators that will keep the site updated with all the great Pete news happening at the moment......Email danoneillmusic@gmail.com if you would like to help