Monday, March 05, 2007

A bit of praise for once...

"Punctual, smart, clean and with girlfriend in tow, Pete's cleaned up and has new material to show off. What's going on?"

This weeks issue of NME praises Pete for his good behaviour of late, and for being just a mere eight minutes late for a show in Brixton Academy. The show went down very well and plenty of new material was thrown in the set too. Read the article for yourself here

It's looking good for fans of Pete at the minute, let's hope he can continue this show of punctuality into the summer when BabyShambles are appearing at Oxegen.

[To anyone who cares, I'm the new contributor, Mark, and I bumped into Dan at the Shambles gig last September! Cheers for adding me too Dan.]

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Anonymous said...

hello there,
i'm a bit new to the whole blog thing but if ye'r looking for someone...
and seings as ye have no replys drop me a line or something...(Huge Pete fan BTW)
Im on bebo