Monday, March 05, 2007

New Dirty Pretty Things Album Summer 2007

Hi Guys,

I'm one of the new contributers, thought i'd introduce myself. Basically my names James, i'm doing A Levels in Brighton at the moment, and hope to go to university in Liverpool. I'm a huge Pete fan, Love all the songs, although my favourites have to be Up The Bracket, Don't Look Back Into The Sun, Fuck Forever, and 8 Dead Boys. Although I must admit I love them all! I've read Last of the Rock Romantics, The Shambolic Libertine, and My Prodigal Son (all strongly recomended!).

Anyway back to what you're here for!

Anthony confirmed recently that DPT will be recording their second album this summer, with the intention of an antumn release. Fifteen or so songs have been written and the band will be leaning towards something totally different to the sound of Waterloo to Anywhere.

Personally I can't wait, some Waterloo to Anywhere tunes were great (Deadwood was true Libertine standard in my opinion).

Thanks for reading my first (of hopefully many) ramblings!


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