Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Libertines Album June 07!

No no, Pete and Carl arn't getting back together (as far as I'm aware), but their 70 year old drummer from the beginning plans to release some tracks they recorded all those years ago (around 7 now!).

Paul Dufour (aka Mr Razzcocks - the original drummer with The Libertines) did a 'talk' at Leicester's De Montfort University on 1st March, one of a series of cultural events being held by the Uni, which are open to the public. Paul talked about his experience from the early days of the band and also played some of those much talked about early recordings/video, which are in his possession. As reported in NME some months back, he confirmed that it was still his intention to get these early works publicly released but was waiting for word from Mercury Records; apparently there is a proposed release date for Breck Road Lover of 1st May and then an album of around 20 songs released on 1st June, under the name of The Libertines. There was even talk of the band getting together to do some promotion for these releases, but in reality this is surely not really a possibility (would be nice though!).

Here's a picture of Pete and Kate leaving NME Awards on Thursday night I just stumbled upon...

The couple were asked to leave the ceremony by security after a series of incidents at the ceremony held at Hammersmith Palais. According to a source who spoke to NME.COM on the condition of remaining anonymous, the couple got into trouble after becoming too amorous for the security personel's liking. The source said the loved-up pair were first caught trying to get into the venue's toilets together and were later caught in an alleyway at the back of the building together. The anonymous source said: "Pete and Kate were trying to get into the premises' toilets but they were removed by the bouncers and told to go back to their table. " Later they were both caught in a dark alleyway at the back of the building. So we got their own security guards to put them in a car and take them home." He added there had also been an earlier incident when Doherty was stopped from taking a spoon from his table (For the innocents out there, can be used for heating up drugs such as heroin). According to the source, the couple were removed from the premises at 8.30pm, before Moss could present Primal Scream with their Godlike Genius award as scheduled.

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