Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oxegen 07

hey I'm Ruth and i'm a new contributer on sailthealbion and glad to be as well i hope i do alrightand tell me if i'm doing something wrong!
So ya Pete and Carl are my hero's And i'm a fanatic!
so alot of ye may have heard this but because it hasnt been posted...
Babyshambles have been announced to play at this years oxegen fesitval up the counrty (Ireland) the dates are the 8th and 9th of July and if the last few shambles gigs are anything to go by this perfomance is not to be missed the chances are it will be played on Mtv 2 and if we're lucky they may have an interview as well!
Hope this comes in handy,


Anonymous said...

Well done Ruth :)
Blathnaid btw

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the site is up again!

Anonymous said...

please use correct grammer, "hasn't", capital I's, you instead of 'ya'

Apart from that good post, hope to see more from new contibuters in the future..