Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Pete is reportedly playing an acoustic set with Ark Of The Covenant, Left Hand and Retro Crooks at the Woodbury Tavern (618 Seven Sisters Rd, N15), this very evening.November is a likely date for a new album release from the Baby Shambles. Pete has indicated that Baby Shambles are going to be recording new material with respected producer Stephen Street (who has previously been associated with The Smiths (credited as an engineer on their early albums and later as producer), plus solo Morrissey, Blur, The Cranberries and more recently Kaiser Chiefs). The band have also hinted during an interview (minus Pete) with xfm that some collaborations could be in the pipeline for the next album:"There's talk of Shaun Ryder maybe doing something on it", the band divulged, "And Amy Winehouse as well may be doing a little collaboration. She's a friend of ours. The Shaun Ryder one is in negotiation at the moment. Our people are talking to their people hopefully...we'll see what happens."As for single titles there's already plenty to choose from with over 35 tracks written to select for the album. "'Delivery', I think, is one of my favourites", bassist Drew McConnell revealed, "And I'm trying to talk the rest of the band into re-recording 'I Wish'". "What else?", continued drummer Adam Ficek, "'Carry On Up The Morning', 'Death Left Hands' and 'There She Goes (a little heartache)'."Turning next to plans for an arena tour later this year, which includes a Wembley date, the band revealed that they were had initial trepidations, but soon came around to the idea. "I wasn't sure", McConnell explained, "Because I thought that we're the kind of band that plays smaller venues and bigger than Brixton Academy, are we punching above our weight? And Adam shrugged and went 'Yeah, but wouldn't it be cool to say 'We've played Wembley Arena'.""We've been called an underachiever sort of band," Ficek interjected, "Hopefully after the arena tour we'll be in the position where we can rightfully say we're one of the best bands in Britain."Today's Sunday Mirror reports that Pete will be booking into a Midlands clinic tomorrow for yet another naltrexone implant.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pete not getting naked..

The highly praised revival of Peter Shaffer's play Equus is to close because suitable big-name replacements cannot be found for its stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Daniel Radcliffe is 'in discussions' about Broadway Pete Doherty, the drug-addicted rock star and boyfriend of Kate Moss, the model, was even considered as a replacement for Radcliffe, 17, who appears naked in the psychological drama and who has helped make it a near sell-out because of his fame in the title role of the Harry Potter films. David Pugh, the producer, watched Doherty give a recent concert and said that he "stood up well" to performing. But he said that he did not offer the 28-year-old Babyshambles singer the part in the West End production of Equus after holding discussions with his manager. Jamie Bell, who played the title role in the film Billy Elliot, was offered Radcliffe's part as Alan, a disturbed teenager who blinds horses, but would not accept it unless he could also appear in the Broadway production next year. The West End's economy is brittle, especially for straight plays, but with its two stars, the revival has been a huge and unexpected success. Mr Pugh's decision not to recast the parts but to close it when their contracts end on June 9, after 150 performances, is a major surprise. Straight plays, fighting for attention against musicals, struggle for audiences in the West End but Equus, staged at the high cost of £700,000, has been grossing £300,000 a week and it paid off its costs in the first nine weeks. Mr Pugh offered Richard Griffiths part as the psychiatrist, Dysart, to the Hollywood actor Robin Williams. "He was interested but then he was offered another movie," said the producer. Without a bankable big name and with American visitor numbers expected to fall in the summer because of the sliding dollar, Mr Pugh said yesterday that he decided to close the show "on a high". He said: "We could have replaced Dan and Richard, but the thought of having to do a half-cocked production into the summer didn't thrill us. There are half-a-dozen very good and upcoming young actors who could have taken over from Dan, but then I needed to get the right Dysart. "I'm not exactly inexperienced doing cast changes. I did 26 of them on Art [Yasmin Reza's long-running hit play which he produced] but it's been much more difficult with Equus." A national tour of Equus, so far uncast, is to follow the West End closure and Mr Pugh is to take the revival to Broadway in early summer next year. Griffiths and Radcliffe have been offered the New York run, but both are said to be "still in discussions" about it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Pete Gets His Own Back!

Pete Doherty has got his own back on a photographer trying to take snaps of him with lover Kate Moss by throwing a bucket of cold water over him.The Babyshambles front man attacked the paparazzo with a bucket of water at Kate's home in St John's Wood, just hours after being praised for his efforts to cut drugs out of his life.Pete launched the bucket over photographer Oliver Polter in a fit of rage as Kate returned home, narrowly missing the supermodel with the icy cold water.After attending a review of his drug treatment order earlier in the day, this display of anger could be seen as a step back for Pete, although he was praised by the district judge in court.DJ Jane McIvor said: "There's no obligation for you to turn up to the reviews. The fact you've turned up shows co-operation … and there is no risk of you breaching this order."And outside the court, Pete seemed calm enough while he signed autographs for fans and strummed his guitar. However, later that day, it seems he thought enough is enough.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pete: Kate kept me off drugs..

Rocker Pete Doherty was determined to beat his drug addiction because his loved ones had "had enough" with his wild ways. The Babyshambles frontman - who is in a longterm relationship with supermodel Kate Moss - was attending a review of his drug treatment order at Thames Magistrates' Court in east London this morning (18Apr07) when he revealed he had been given an ultimatum by his friends and family to stay off drugs or be forced to choose between the two. He told the court, "The people I'm closest to have had enough. They've said it's drugs or them. A lot has changed in the past week." Presiding over the case, District Judge Jane MCIvor praised Doherty for his co-operation and replied, "It's a hard road, isn't it? It's not easy. All we can do is provide the network. You have to do all the hard work." Doherty was ordered to undergo a treatment programme following his arrest for possession of drugs in April last year (06).

Co-orperation in drugs reveiw!

Rocker Pete Doherty has been praised by the judge reviewing his drug treatment order for being "more than co-operating". The Babyshambles frontman was attending the hearing at Thames Magistrates' Court in east London this morning (18Apr07), after he was ordered to undergo a treatment programme following his arrest for possession of drugs in April last year (06). Doherty told the court, "I'm quite keen to show a negative test as soon as possible." Despite the 28-year-old being 30 minutes late for court, District Judge Jane MCIvor said, "There's no obligation for you to turn up to the reviews. "The fact you've turned up shows co-operation - more than co-operation - and there is no risk of you breaching this order."

Tours losing money!

Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has reportedly lost over $39,000 (GBP20,000) on his UK tours. The Babyshambles frontman's firm Babyshambles Touring made a loss of $42,375 (GBP21,731) last year (06), according to accounts obtained by British newspaper Daily Mirror. Meanwhile, his other business, Babyshambles Limited only made a profit of $3,724 (GBP1,910). An accounting source says, "His accounts don't make pretty reading. To see someone with his talent unable to make any money is a waste. What money he has had has been spent on drugs." Doherty's financial state may have been influenced by the fact he has repeatedly failed to turn up to his own gigs, leaving fans having to sought refunds. Babyshambles were dumped by Rough Trade Records last year (06) after poor sales of their debut album Down In Albion. Doherty is hoping his next album under his new deal with Parlophone will be more successful.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pete referred to Kate..

..As his fiancé at the first 'An Evening' (The one before playing with Carl).

Pete and Carl Reuinited!

Pete Doherty and Carl Barat played 13 songs at the second of Doherty's An Evening With Pete Doherty gigs at the Hackney Empire. During the second half of the show Doherty teased the audience by saying: "You've been waiting for this moment. Ladies and gentlemen Mr Carlos Barat...only joking! What do you expect for 25 quid?"Then Barat bounded on stage, wearing a Dior Homme suit and a trilby. The duo played 13 Libertines classics, including 'What Katie Did' and 'Time For Heroes'. They whispered and hugged each other in between songs, while during their cover of Mama Cass With The Mamas & The Papas' 'Dream A Little Dream', Barat performed a little tap dancing routine. The duo played song 'Albion', with Barat joining in on vocals. The song was originally considered for The Libertines but was included on Babyshambles 2005 album 'Down In Albion'.Returning for a quick encore, the pair played 'The Delaney', left the stage and then re-emerged triumphantly holding each others hands in the air.However the reunion continued outside the back of the venue.After the show fans shot round to the venue's dressing room windows and managed to convince the pair to reappear.Appropriately enough Doherty and Barat performed an impromptu version of 'Can't Stand Me Now' for the mass of fans, while Doherty's girlfriend Kate Moss watched on.Prior to Barat taking to the stage for the reunion, Doherty played a number of songs solo and with guest Alan Wass and Bert Jansch including 'Killamangiro' and 'Cyclops'.

The reunited Libertines played:

'What A Waster'

'Death On The Stairs'

'The Good Old Days'

'What Katie Did'

'Dilly Boys'

'Seven Deadly Sins'


'Tell The King'

'Don't Look Back Into The Sun'

'Dream A Little Dream Of Me'

'Time For Heroes'


'The Delaney'.

A Special

Website has been set up to celebrate Pete and Carls 'reunion'

Check out YouTube for loads of great clips!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Pete and Carl reunion talk...

The pair were spotted recently,(see photo) fueling more rumours about a libs reunion. Barat has recently said "We're doing different things but I'd be happy to work with Pete again. Our relationship hasn't really faded away."
Only time will tell I suppose!
(thanks to stylish_kid from the forum who informed us of this).

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shane McGowen To Be Best Man

A prominent source in the world of the shambles has told that Shane McGowen of The Pogues is to be Pete and Kate's best man when they marry in Ireland this summer.

According to the source, the couple are to be married sometime this summer in Kilsheelan, County Tipperary, at Castle Gurteen, the home of artist Gottfried Helnwein.

Suprisingly, the castle was the venue for Marilyn Manson's marriage to Dita Von Teese.

The question is, will Shane or Pete be able to stand and the alter at all??? Who knows!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Pete the family man..

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY plans to start a family with his supermodel girlfriend KATIE MOSS as soon as possible, according to his uncle. PHIL MICHELS claims the BABYSHAMBLES frontman, who has a son ASTILE with former lover LISA MOORISH, is keen to settle down with Moss. He says, "Pete and Kate are so in love - they're talking about starting a family together. "Pete is already a doting stepfather to (Moss' daughter) LILA GRACE, and loves spending time with her. "They're setting up home together at the moment, and once that's sorted they'll have a massive showbiz wedding."

The YouTube Video..

PETE DOHERTY and KATE MOSS released a video of them together in a bid to win a record contract, the rocker has confessed. A clip showing the singer strumming a guitar while the scantily-clad supermodel watches has become a massive hit on video sharing website YouTube, attracting more than 100,000 viewers. Doherty admits the pair have been writing music together and hope the video will help them forge a music career as a duo. The BABYSHAMBLES rocker says, "We're trying to write songs together and trying to get signed. "People have been saying that Kate's annoyed at the video being posted but she said I should do it. "It takes a long time to get signed these days and we thought we would post stuff on my website to speed things up a bit. "That clip is about a month old and I've got a few more to post online as well."

Pete and Kate documentary.

Supposedly the couple are piecing together a documentary using videos such the one we posted about on 2nd April. Of course this is being called attention seeking by some critics out there. Oh well!
By the way, did anyone manage to get to the shambles gig yesterday in London? (thanks to Emma from the forum who told us about this).

Monday, April 02, 2007

Daniel Craig - Stylish!

Daniel Craig has been named as the most stylish celebrity in a poll by men's magazine GQ.

Prince Harry is the first royal to make it into the top ten, where he is joined by Clive Owen, David Beckham, Pete Doherty and Jude Law.

Razorlight Thank Pete

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL blames hero John Lennon for his drug habit, and credits rock rival PETE DOHERTY with helping him kick it. Borrell - reportedly dating actress KIirsten Dunst - insists he was inspired to try drugs because of the late BEATLE's experimentation with narcotics. But he insists Doherty, who he has feuded and physically fought with in the past, has helped him leave his habit behind. Borrell says, "Pete was inspirational."

New vid...

Thought I'd share this.
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