Friday, April 20, 2007

Pete Gets His Own Back!

Pete Doherty has got his own back on a photographer trying to take snaps of him with lover Kate Moss by throwing a bucket of cold water over him.The Babyshambles front man attacked the paparazzo with a bucket of water at Kate's home in St John's Wood, just hours after being praised for his efforts to cut drugs out of his life.Pete launched the bucket over photographer Oliver Polter in a fit of rage as Kate returned home, narrowly missing the supermodel with the icy cold water.After attending a review of his drug treatment order earlier in the day, this display of anger could be seen as a step back for Pete, although he was praised by the district judge in court.DJ Jane McIvor said: "There's no obligation for you to turn up to the reviews. The fact you've turned up shows co-operation … and there is no risk of you breaching this order."And outside the court, Pete seemed calm enough while he signed autographs for fans and strummed his guitar. However, later that day, it seems he thought enough is enough.

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