Friday, April 06, 2007

Pete and Kate documentary.

Supposedly the couple are piecing together a documentary using videos such the one we posted about on 2nd April. Of course this is being called attention seeking by some critics out there. Oh well!
By the way, did anyone manage to get to the shambles gig yesterday in London? (thanks to Emma from the forum who told us about this).

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Arturo said...

I was there... fucking amazing gig...


- The Blinding
- You Talk
- This is for Lovers
- Don’t look back into the the Sun (a drunken request...)
- I love you (’cos you’re green)
- Arcady
- Killamangiro
- I’m in love with a feeling
- Music When The Lights Go Out
- East of Eden
- Ha ha Wall
- Loyalty Song
- Beg, Steal or Borrow

Bought Peter a dark rum and coke, then chatted a while with drew afterwards...