Saturday, May 12, 2007


Pete was arrested on Saturday night, after a car he was in was stopped by police in Kensington High Street, west London (slightly more upmarket arrest location, nice to see Pete is being a bit more particular these days). Crack cocaine and cannabis were reportedly found in his possession, he was escorted to the local police station, released on bail pending investigation until June and ordered to return to the police station next month. This history of rock type 7-part documentary series, which will be broadcast on BBC2 from 19th May at 9pm and each Saturday night thereafter until 30th June, looks like it might be quite good. The Seven Ages of Rock explores the music that has been the soundtrack to our popular culture and defined each generation since the 1960's. The Libertines feature in the final extended instalment (on 30th June; entitled What the World is Waiting For, it covers the subject of British Indie Rock), which makes it even more potentially quite good. The previous six episodes will cover The Birth of Rock, Art Rock, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Stadium Rock and American Alternative Rock.The June 2007 issue of MOJO magazine has a 100 Records That Changed the World, feature, as selected by MOJO's favourite musicians, and Up the Bracket gets a mention (though quite a way down the list). And finally tonight, Matt wrote in to tell us about a short article about the early days of The Libertines, which he has written for issue #14 of Stranger magazine. The article includes an unpublished picture of the band rehearsing, and a couple of new quotes from Mr Razzcocks. The magazine is available in UK branches of Borders, through the website and there's a full list of places you can buy it from, on the site too.

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