Saturday, June 23, 2007

No reunion at Glasto.

The Libertines did not, as rumoured reunite at Glasto putting it down to Dirty Pretty Things flying out early after finishing their set.
Despite this both Babyshambles and DPT played fantastic sets which were well resived by the crowd.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Great news for Libertines fans with Glasto tickets.
Rumour has it Pete and Carl will once again reunite for a special show.
Both Carls and Petes bands are playing on the acoustic stage and they will mett up to play a gig together on Saturday.
This comes just shortly after the great success of the last reunion at the Hackney Empire in London in which Carlos made a surprise performance .
I'm sure everyone who goes will have a spectacular time and for the rest of least this one may be televised.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Carl and Pete have been recording together again!

Carl and Pete are recording again today (june 15th)
The two are recording "A day in the life" for radio 2's project to record the 'Sgt.Peppers lonely hearts club band' to celebrate it 4oth Birthday.
They are working on the project today in a west London studio.
This will accompany other tracks from the album recorded by razorlight and Oasis to name a few.
Their version of the track will be broadcast on radio 2 tomorrow night (June 16th) at 8pm.


Monday, June 11, 2007

"Wasted Pete Doherty hides in a bush"

Pete Doherty was collected late by a photographer after being refused a lift in a taxi.
Pete, who has recently been making an effort to quit drugs was spotted hiding behind a bush talking to himself.
After being collected Pete slumped in a children's booster chair at the back of the car sweating heavily and mumbling "The demons are coming to get me" he also spoke about having children with girlfriend Kate Moss and how he didn't like people wearing her clothes, he then went on to say he would be bigger the Sir. Paul McCartney.

When all was looking well for Pete this is a major setback for his recovery but we hope he gets well soon.

Thanks to F**k Forever from the forum for the news.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fuck Forever (live) - high quality video

Flatmate from hell

It's official. The votes are in and Pete Doherty has been named the celebrity flatmate from hell, taking the victory in a huge landslide.

For all his rock n roll charm and misunderstood ways, the headline-courting Babyshambles frontman has been placed top of the list of flatmates that people would dread to share a flat with. According to the survey, commissioned by, Doherty took 60 per cent of the votes overall.

"We were expecting Pete to feature highly on the flatmates from hell list, but taking nearly 60 per cent of the votes was a landslide we weren't expecting," commented chief executive Duncan Horton, according to the Daily Record.

At the other end of the scale cheeky chappie radio presenter Chris Moyles was the most popular celebrity flatmate, followed by soul singer Amy Winehouse and the ever-pleasant Cameron Diaz.

Other celebs who did not fare so well in the rankings included Britney Spears, who was voted as an undesirable flatmate by more than a quarter of people questioned.

Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Simon Cowell were also among the flatmate from hell list, as well as Doherty's long-standing love interest Kate Moss.

Friday, June 01, 2007


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Dance Gig DJ Thingy..

Pete was supposedly books for a Dance DJing festival, and he didn't turn up, resulting in more negative press..

However he has since said he was never booked and the organisers were using his name to sell tickets! (bastards..!) Anyway they havent issued a public apology so he may sue them (he has the advantage of knowing a court room back to front ;) )

In other news... Pete and Kate are soaking up the sun in Ibiza – in their tight skinny jeans. The hot couple looked almost like normal holidaymakers while relaxing on the island’s Es Cavallet beach. They kissed, cuddled, drunk sangria and even ATE paella at a beach restaurant earlier this week. The Babyshambles frontman – celebrating finishing recording his band’s second album – took his top off to catch some rays while Kate wore a bikini top. But the couple refused to pull themselves out of their sweaty tight denim, despite the baking heat.

Here are some pics: