Friday, June 15, 2007

Carl and Pete have been recording together again!

Carl and Pete are recording again today (june 15th)
The two are recording "A day in the life" for radio 2's project to record the 'Sgt.Peppers lonely hearts club band' to celebrate it 4oth Birthday.
They are working on the project today in a west London studio.
This will accompany other tracks from the album recorded by razorlight and Oasis to name a few.
Their version of the track will be broadcast on radio 2 tomorrow night (June 16th) at 8pm.


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JENNAY said...

Just heard it now you can listen to it again on the radio 2 website its about 55 mins in or maybe 45 cant remember

anyway its nice to hear them together again I missed it. hopefully in a couple of years theyll release some stuff together again