Friday, June 01, 2007

Dance Gig DJ Thingy..

Pete was supposedly books for a Dance DJing festival, and he didn't turn up, resulting in more negative press..

However he has since said he was never booked and the organisers were using his name to sell tickets! (bastards..!) Anyway they havent issued a public apology so he may sue them (he has the advantage of knowing a court room back to front ;) )

In other news... Pete and Kate are soaking up the sun in Ibiza – in their tight skinny jeans. The hot couple looked almost like normal holidaymakers while relaxing on the island’s Es Cavallet beach. They kissed, cuddled, drunk sangria and even ATE paella at a beach restaurant earlier this week. The Babyshambles frontman – celebrating finishing recording his band’s second album – took his top off to catch some rays while Kate wore a bikini top. But the couple refused to pull themselves out of their sweaty tight denim, despite the baking heat.

Here are some pics:

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