Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pete Sentenced Today..

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty is to be sentenced in court today for a number of drugs and driving offences.

The singer pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine as well as two driving charges at a hearing last month.

He was ordered to attend a court-imposed period in rehab, which he has done, ahead of sentencing today.

Doherty was told by the judge that all options, including custodial sentencing, would be considered.

The musician was arrested on May 5th in London when he was stopped by police while driving his car.

He was recording his band's new album at the time, which his lawyer Sean Curran said had got on top of him along with his personal life.

The singer has been involved in a relationship with the supermodel Kate Moss intermittently over the last two years.

Babyshambles' new album is released in October, their first LP release since 2004's Down in Albion.

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